Spring Into Summer

Our house looked like this around Easter...

This is in our front room, which we never use... but I decorate it anyway because it's pretty much the only room that's always clean (because we never use it).

Anyway, I got that, "Spring," sign at Tar-jay for 7 bananas and I really just think it's the cutest damn thing.

Plus, it was cheap... so I extra love it.

Truth is... even though we are kinda knocking on summer's door, I haven't taken down "spring," because I just think it's a cute freaking sign.

Rather than leave "spring," up until next March... I decided to make one of my own for summer.

It cost me 4 bucks: $2 for the fabric, $1 for the burlap, $1 for the ribbon.

I had the stencils, red paint, and glue gun on hand.

The process was not rocket science.

Make a pattern, cut out fabric, stencil letters, glue gun the whole shebang together, and then to a ribbon for hanging.

I loved this weird fabric because it reminds me of beach balls and Hawaiian shirts like my brother wears.
I was totally diggin' the potato sack look I got from the red paint and the burlap.
Peek-a-boo... do you see me?
The whole thing took me about 45 minutes, start to finish... even getting it up on the wall (thanks Husband).

Sorry, no pictures of the whole room all summer-ed out just yet... but you love the sign, right?

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  1. Okay. I'm officially inspired to do something with my front room.


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