Peeing At Wal-Mart

Lovebug's favorite part about the warm weather is that he can just drop trou anywhere he damn well pleases and pee.

I know... we're working on it.

And after today... we are working on it harder.

Like, it's at the top of the friggin' list.


Oh no reason...

Just because he dropped his pants and peed in the parking lot at Wal-Mart today.

I had just put Ladybug in her car seat and was reaching for Lovebug's hand to walk him around the car to his seat, when he just dropped 'em and went.

My brain was all, "What the shit is going on right now?!"

And my mouth was all...."What are you doing?!?!"

As I threw my body in front of him, flailing like a maniac to shield him from... well... everyone (we were at Wal-Mart after all), plus... ew...

Anyway, as I threw myself in front of him he calmly looked up at me, all blue eyes and dimples and says, " I have to go pee, Mom."

Now that I am not freaking out, I can laugh about this peeing in the parking lot business... a few hours ago, not so funny... now??

Pretty damn hysterical.

I mean, we are gonna work with him on privacy, and the appropriate place to pee, and where he can be a nudist comfortably... I got it, it's all taken care of.

Another immediate priority?

 Making sure no one took our picture for that, "People Of Wal-Mart," website.

Also, adding another notch to my white trash belt... because, well... obviously I earned one today.

I guess it's true what they say... when you gotta go, you gotta go.

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