No More Hulk

If you "liked" Our Tiny Place on Facebook... you know that Lovebug has had a recent obsession with The Hulk.

He refuses to wear a shirt, because...

"The Hulk doesn't wear shirts, Mom."

He speaks to people only in growls because...

"The Hulk cant talk, Mom."

One night I found the bathroom floor COVERED in pee because...

"The Hulk is too big for potties, Mom."

You get the idea.

This weekend, we went to a wedding and had to spend a decent amount of time in a hotel room with Lovebug and Ladybug (more on that later this week).

To entertain Lovebug, and to give ourselves a break... we turned The Avengers on on Netflix... not the new one, one of the old ones.

Picture it.

Lovebug, quietly watching a movie on Husband's brand new work computer.

Watching... as The Hulk picks up a building, holds it over his head, and smashes it to smithereens on the pavement.

Lovebug, ever The Hulk enthusiast, is quick to follow suit... with the first thing he can grab...

The work computer goes up, up, up over his head, and down, down, down into the ground.

Slammed... full speed toddler force ahead.

And that was the moment that Husband hit the roof... and I pulled the plug on The Hulk in our house forever.

I think my exact words to Lovebug were,

"You can be an animal super hero... a fuzzy one!! There will be no more super heroes that are angry and don't wear shirts in our house!"

So, in the end... it was a petite Mom of two that killed off The Hulk.

 Talk about a surprise ending... even I didn't see that one coming.

PS... The computer lived to see another day, and another Netflix movie.

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  1. I read this on my phone the other day and I nearly peed my pants- which is pretty easy to do this days with a miniature child chilling on my bladder.


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