Mother's Day 2012

My Mother's Day was awesome.

Breakfast in bed.

Chocolate chip pancakes, a giant stack, just for me.

Tag Sale-ing all by myself.

A yard full of fresh flowers to be planted, and potted (yes, that is my idea of a good time).

Happy babies crawling in the dirt and playing on the swings.

Hot dogs for dinner.

My Husband, doing yard work with his muscles out.

Obviously, not all days are so great.

Some days, there are nightmares, and bad coughs... some days there are head butts, and skinned knees.

Some days (all days)... there are crunchy floors, and piles of laundry to be folded... songs to be sung, butts to be wiped.

Some days... the toddler doesn't stop speaking from sun up to sun down, and the messes keep coming, and the toys are flying at my head, and the baby is crying... staring... give me the boob, give me the boob, give me the boob....

Sigh... but it's okay.

It's okay, because it's temporary, and they make me smile, and laugh deep belly laughs... even when they are acting like they surely must belong to someone else because no child of mine would take one single bite out of every strawberry in the container, then close it up and put it back on the shelf in the fridge....

It's okay... because this is what kids do.

And I am so grateful, and so thankful, to have been given the opportunity to watch each and every non-perfect minute of their lives unfold right before my very eyes.

I am so honored, to be called Mom by my two little maniac children... that make my heart sing daily. 


Mother's Day was about being with those that made me a Mother.

I don't need gifts.

Spoil me with time, with splashing in the mud, and snuggling before nap.

Spoil me with good afternoons and bad for me food.

Spoil me with a child who knows all the words to the lullaby I sang to him as a baby.

Spoil me with moments like these...

They may not be perfect...

But they're mine.

"Let's look bored."
"Now let's make fun of Mom and how she always says, 'clap!"
"Now let's do.. WTF faces."
"Now let's rip her hair out of her head!!"
"This is boring."
"You stick your tongue out. I'll pick my nose with two hands."
"She is not going to let go until we get a good one, just look at the damn camera already."
"Good enough woman... let us go."

Happy Mother's Day!

I hope your day was imperfect and wonderful.... just like motherhood!


  1. Haha, the captions really do make the pictures. Glad to hear you had a nice Mother's Day. I didn't get pancakes for breakfast but I did get a nice BBQ steak dinner! And I also got to observe my husband doing yard work with the muscles out, YIPPY!

  2. This is a fantastic post. I love that you point out the hard days but know how worth it it is. BTW, that's hilarious about your kid taking a bite of every strawberry and putting them back.

  3. Wonderfully fun pictures! I am digging your shades too :)


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