Jessica Gets Married... Photo Dump

Last weekend I had the honor of standing up as a bridesmaid for one of my oldest friends, on her wedding day.

Jessica was the kind of bride that you see in magazines... immaculate, stunning, happy, calm.

The vineyard where they wed was lush and green, everything was budding, fresh, new... 

Our flowers were stunning, her dress simple...

Jessica had planned every last detail of their very personal, and intimate event by herself...

I surprised myself and burst into tears when her father gave her away.

Jessica is so much of my childhood, and there she was before me, one of the most beautiful bride's I have ever seen, becoming a wife.

The ceremony was different than any other I have ever attended.... it told their love story.

Details... when they met, how they got together, their engagement, their dog's names.

It made the entire event seem more personal... like we the guests were somehow apart of it all.

You could almost feel the crowd lean in closer as their story unfolded throughout the ceremony... laughing at the silly parts, aww-ing at the sweet parts.

When the officiant spoke that they were now to be Husband and Wife... Jessica's soul lit up, and happiness poured out of her... she squeaked a little, and leaned in to kiss her new Husband.

She was radiant.

Love looks so, so good on her.

The Bride and her Bridesmaids at the Rehearsal Dinner
It was held at an aquarium!
My hair... who knew I had so much??
Preparing the Vineyard for the "I Do's"
Our stunning bouquets
These two are the very best of friends
This moment made me ugly cry
Okay, I'm over it.
Sister of the Groom, and one of my oldest friends
Flowers on the Chairs
Before the shenanigans
The shenanigans
Tomato plants to honor the Groom's weird obsession with gardening
Husband looking handsome
One of my best friends, looking stunning.
Things got a little weird
The Mr. and Mrs.!

PS... Special thanks to my talented sister for the beautiful pictures

PPS... and a special shout out to one of my readers Kate, and her husband to be Mike, on this, their wedding weekend. May you always find in each other, exactly what it is that you are looking for. I wish for you, a family of your own, just as wonderful as the one that you were raised in. xo.


  1. that wedding looked amazing. and, you are SO pretty.

  2. Awwww...beautiful! Weddings are the best!

  3. Seriously such a beautiful wedding! Congrats to your friend. I love the colors.

  4. Gorgeous wedding! And you looked beautiful too! Glad to hear I'm not the only ugly wedding crier. ;)


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