Eight Months

Ladybug turned 8 months a few weeks back, and not having the time to get this post out has been haunting me at night.

Like: "Wooooo (ghost noise)... your daughter will never know how she looked at eight months because you're too busy for her... wooooo!"

I swear, Mom Guilt is the worst.

So now that she is almost 9 months old, I am finally getting around to posting these pictures... and giving a big f-you to that nagging feeling I have had for not getting these up sooner.

First... a re-cap, at how much our little peanut has grown.

Okay, taking this picture was a big ol' pain in the ass this month because Ladybug is now a professional mover and shaker.

She Army crawls at 100 miles per hour, and likes to flip her body upside and sideways while we change her diaper.

She is also strong as Hell, and will rip a spoon right out of your hand if you aren't careful, and happen to be feeding her too slowly.

This is the month when her breast feeding obsession hit an all time high and she began trying to unzip my shirts, and headbutting me with a little open bird mouth when she is hungry.

Subtle right?

She also figured out that she could  do things outside of the stroller, like go on a swing... so now she is a happy little kicking starfish baby when we go to the park and she can get her chubby mitts on one of these puppies.

She also had oatmeal and pasta for the first time this past month, and began saying her brother's name when she wants his attention (translation: every five seconds).

She is still a super good sport about him beating her up, and remains totally mellow when he tries to ride her like a horse, even though it gives me a heart attack.

The two of them love, love, love to be together.

Lovebug is actually a super big help with her, and she thinks he is the greatest thing since mashed banana.

She is currently in size 5 diapers because her thighs are so huge that she gets cuts on them when I put her in anything else.

They go half way up her back, but they do the job.

Ladybug is about the size that Lovebug was at 18 months old, so she is rocking tons of her brother's old jammies these days... she is just exploding too fast for us to keep buying her pink stuff... blue works fine too.

She is a complete and total faker.. and will do this like, "Ehh, Ehh, I'm sad, pick me up..." thing, and then laugh in my face when I do.

She is also the slowest teeth grower on the planet... still only two. Womp, womp.

At least she isn't bald.

Everyday she falls more in love with her Daddy, whom she harasses endlessly with smacks and loud chirping.

She is forever yelling, "DA-DA-DA-DA-DA-DA!", and getting into every single thing that she isn't supposed to (like her brother).

(Lovebug's Christmas jammies from 2010)
He has been known to call her both a, "pterodactyl," and a "termite," you might have to know Husband to think that is funny... but trust me, it's funny.

It warms my heart to hear Lovebug call her by her nickname that just rolls off his tongue so easily now, like she has always been apart of his life.

He is already involving her in his shenanigans... and it's safe to say, Girlfriend loves it.

I have a funny feeling Our Tiny Place is going to get way more crazy once this little fire ball starts walking.


  1. She does have some thighs! Love it, she is so cute! And that little ducky onesie in her 3 month pic is adorable.

    Love the pics!

  2. Some of these pictures cracked me up. Adorable.

  3. These pictures are so cute! I love her chunky thighs!


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