Being A Grown Up

Last weekend I took an entire day off from being a Mom.

I didn't know I needed a day without the kids, and feel guilty even admitting it, but I did.

I needed a day to just have fun with my husband and our friends.

I love being with the kiddos, but just one full day of being an adult was so wonderful.

I laughed so hard at adult jokes all day long that my face hurt.

I said bad words when I wanted to... without spelling or whispering them.

We were inappropriate, and silly.

I sat down to eat every meal without jumping up to feed someone else.

I didn't say, "No," to anyone.

I didn't say things like:

"Stop climbing on your sister..."
"Don't bite your brother..."
"Please get the pee in the bowl, please, please, please."
"Don't punch the pop corn..."
"Why do you poop seventeen times a day?"
"What did you eat?"
"You're sticky."
"Please don't lick my hair, please don't headbutt me, please stop growling."

You get the idea.

It was like being on vacation.

The occasion was a celebration of sorts.

Our closest friends at the gym have back to back birthdays just like Husband and I (Husband turns 29 on Saturday!), so it was like a birthday celebration for the four of us.

We decided to hit up NYC, and Broadway to see Newsies.

It was fantastic.

I was bouncing out of my seat from minute one.

Admittedly, I get out of the house approximately twice a year, so I was pretty much foaming at the mouth with excitement.... but I'm pretty sure it would be awesome for a normal person too.

I know Newsies has a serious cult following (my Husband might be the leader of said cult) (sorry Husband, is that embarrassing??) ... but I am not a member of it.

I like the movie, know the story line, and totally wasn't sad that Broadway changed it up a bit to make it work with their cast.

A cult member might be judgemental about the changes that were made, but I liked it.

I am an equal opportunity story line lover.

The dancing was INSANE.


Seriously, I want to give that cast a big fat shout out, because they danced their freaking asses off... and no one messed up.

I know, because I watch for those kinds of things.

Those guys had some serious hops, and jumps, and leaps... and other ballerina, flippy words.

They were so so awesome.

I don't have that much talent in one single bone of my body...

These guys were flailing and twirling their bodies around with freaking cigars in their mouths, and  singing their guts out while they danced like it was no big thang.

It was amazing.

We left the show and ate every single ounce of fatty Italian food that they dared put in our path.

I had an amazing day just being the adult me.

The one with the hard to pronounce name... the grown up.

Not the Mom.

For nine full hours, I was a wife, and friend.

I paid 100% attention to everything around me, and didn't worry once about the little nuggets.

(Not entirely true, but very close to true).

I decided that every so often, it's nice to remember that I am someone other than a dairy queen, drill sergeant,  time out giver, referee, educator, poop-checking, bug finding, dirt digging, swing pushing, fire man acting, butt wiping, lego land building Mom.

It was nice to know that the other me is still in there.


  1. Aww, I love this post. A.) You totally deserved to have a day to yourself, to your husband, and to your friends. B.) I can absolutely relate. Being a mother sometimes makes you forget who you were pre-baby...often times we feel like we've lost our sense of self, just the way you described in this post. It's nice to know I'm not alone in my feelings.

  2. That sounds soooo fantastic right about now. Good for you for taking some time off from the duties of motherhood!

  3. ohhhhhh man. i need a day off from being an adult, too.


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