29 in 29 Update

My Father in Law is super thoughtful, and took the Bugs, Husband, and myself on a ferry ride a few weeks ago, to help me knock something off my list.

It was kind of a Birthday slash Mother's Day slash 29 in 29 combo gift.

I imagined going on a ferry with the kids would be super exciting.

My brain painted the most beautiful picture of fingers pointing at boats off the top deck, sun burned cheeks and friendly Captain's letting us drive the boat.

Not so.... not really so at all, as it turns out.

It was too windy up  top to be able to stand it for more than five minutes... so the whole group of us, (three adults and two babes) sat down below for the hour plus ride.

By the time we got there Lovebug was antsy and jabbing his sister and Husband was sweating.

That's the way it goes in confined spaces with kids... they get crazy and fussy.

Once we arrived at an adorable little island town though, we had a great time.

We had lunch, gave Ladybug her first ice cream cone, and did a little shopping.

My Father in Law bought me a gorgeous sterling silver necklace (see below in Ladybug's chubby paw) at this cool little shop.

It reminds me of pictures I have seen of my mother in college when she was a hippie... (the cool kind, not the dirty kind).

Anyway, the dolls loved the extra time with their Grandpa, and being in a new place together.

Lovebug was super curious about the water and the boats... and Ladybug loved the shit out of her first grilled cheese sandwich.

We somehow missed the ferry on the ride home and ended up an hour off schedule... so it was melt down city for the Bugs.

They needed naps. Bad.

So did I.

 Ever the frat boy... Lovebug refused to pass out until we started our long ride home in the car.

Boyfriend never wants to miss a second of the partay, people.

In case you're wondering... my 29 in 29 list now looks like this:

1- Waterski (I attempted this endlessly as a child and could never stand up on those bloody skis).

2- Sing karaoke in a bar.

3- Watch the Wizard of Oz. (I have never seen it start to finish. I know.)

4- Eat Sushi.

5- Back squat 200 pounds.

6- Do a strict pull up.

7- Plant a garden (and not kill it).

8- Fly in a plane with sky divers (I will not be diving). (I am nervous just typing that)

9- Write letters to my children for them to open on their 18th birthdays.

10- Go on vacation with my husband... just the two of us.

11- Sew a dress for my daughter.

12- Have my writing published... anywhere.

13- Learn to decorate cakes.

14- Take a shot with my Husband.... in almost 5 years of marriage, and 10 years together... we have never done this.

15- Get real henna on my foot.

16- Eat lunch at a Vineyard with my Mom, sisters,and sister in law... actually try a sip of wine.

17- Make homemade ice cream with the Bugs.

18- Make a stepping stone with my family... put it in the garden that I am not going to kill.

19- Re-learn all the continents.

20- Learn the states in alphabetical order.

21- Go up in a stunt (like I did as a high school and college cheerleader...)

22- Learn how to use the grille; cook something on it.

23- Take Lovebug on a Ferris Wheel.

24- Take the Bugs on a Ferry ride (my first).

25- Take a trapeze class.

26- Make a ginger bread house with the Bugs (my first).

27- Learn how to mow the lawn on a tractor.

28- Go snow skiing (I used to do this as a kid, but stopped well before age 8).

29- Play 9 holes of golf, drive the cart.

Only 26 more to go!!

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  1. I spy a Blue Monster! And holy hell if you don't look exactly like your mom... never mind the necklace!

    1. I'll take that as a compliment! And sadly, there is always a Monster within 5 feet of Adam. I gave up.


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