29 in 29 Update


I know my continents.

Without the help of google.

Picture me smiling and shaking my head like... YUP.

You'd be surprised how many people told me they actually couldn't spit out all 7 continents off the top of their heads.

I know this, because I asked a shit ton of people to do it.

I asked this one waiter... who was totally offended and thought I was making fun of him for his waiter-hood, and quickly told me that he has his Master's Degree.

I politely did a cheer, and a cartwheel for his Master's Degree, since clearly that's what he was expecting.

After I was again sitting right side up in my chair, I said: "So... about those continents??"

Okay, maybe it didn't happen just like that... but I do ask everyone, and some dickhead waiter did take personal offense to my asking him.

Anyway... here goes... with no googling allowed:

North America, South America, Asia, Antarctica (I always forget that one), Australia, Africa, Europe.

Now you know.

Aside from re-learning some 5th grade Geography... I also planted a garden, and saved it from being killed.

I use the word "garden" loosely.

I cut out about 50 feet of my backyard in a cool, rounded, shape-a-doodle thing.

It took for-ev-er; because of the damn kids who are always like... feed me, bath me, help I'm stuck in the vegetable drawer... just kidding (kind of).

Anyway, I cut out this whole chunk of yard, and planted inpatients... which look wimpy now, but will be full blown voluptuous women plants by the end of the summer.

Or so I'm told.

I even bought gardening gloves, cow manure, and a teeny tiny shovel for this event... so I am calling planting a garden, checked off the list yo.

Oh, and I know my goal was to not kill it myself, but... because I managed to save all of my pretty plants from this freaking giraffe...

Who is apparently hard of hearing because he ignored me each and every time I said don't run on the flowers... I think I deserve credit.

I have to admit... even though he kept attempting to murder my plants, I really like working in the yard because he loves doing it with me.

Who knew getting my hands dirty would be enjoyable??

So... that means as my horizons are growing, my list is getting smaller:

Plant a garden... check.

Stop a giraffe from killing garden... check.

This lion though, he might be harder to stop.

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  1. I got to 6 and I spaced for a bit. I guessed it was Australia but that didnt sound right, so Im glad it is! My sister lived there for awhile too, youd think Id know that...

    Your animals are adorable :)


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