Turning Twenty Nine

My birthday is my all time favorite day of the year.

Does that make me selfish?


But... I have to say, my Husband is pretty amazing to me every year on 4/20.

 He pretty much makes sure I have a perfect day, no matter what it takes.

For one single solitary day of the whole year... I. do. nothing.

I mean, relatively speaking... I still have to be a Mom, but my birthday brings a lot of extra help.

I am a lucky girl.

I got a new camera to take some new snazzy, updated, prettier pictures on, from the Man in my life.

And from the tiny humans...

Pink flowers from my little lady, and blue flowers from my little man.

From my parents, weightlifting shoes... from my siblings, gift cards and cake.

Husband also made me an Icebox Cake... from scratch.

He even used the mixer.

I pretty much melted at the sight of him getting all Betty Crocker just for me.

Twenty-Nine seems pretty great so far.

I am exactly where I always hoped I'd be in my life, and I am thrilled to be here.

Oh yeh, and I memorized my continents... for real this time.


  1. Happy birthday! I would DIE if my husband ever made me a cake. It would take him way too long, and I'd probably have to clean up the mess. ;) Glad you enjoyed your day!

  2. Happy Birthday! You and my son share the same birthday. Sounds like you're a lucky lady. I can't believe he made you the cake. Enjoy your new camera!


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