Sneaky Bug

Lovebug and his shenanigans are at it again.

This time, the victim was his gate...

(Remember when this happened?)

Because Lovebug likes to climb out of bed twenty times a night just to be a pain in the ass for no reason at all, we put a gate in front of his door so he wont wander the halls all night long.

I guess you could say we cage our animal at night... figuratively speaking of course.

Annnnyway, Little Man is getting too damn smart for his own good.

I am already worried about the things he will pull off when he gets to High School. Oy.

Okay, so this gate does not screw into the wall, which is something we actually really love about it (no holes to patch, no drilling).

Instead it is like a pressure rod for a shower, you just use your hands to screw with all your might until it cant go any further.

Great concept, except for one thing...

The little shit figured out how to unscrew it himself.

I never would have thought it possible, but somehow that pint sized Houdini figured out that he could, "left loosey," his way to freedom.

And that's exactly what he did.

He had been getting out of bed at nap-time and sitting in his doorway for about a week.

I usually just let him sit there for about twenty minutes before going up and putting him back in bed.

It would appear, that over the course of that week, Lovebug Shawshank Redemption-ed the shit out of that gate.

Last week, while the kiddos took their naps, I closed my eyes to take what I thought would be a quick mid day snooze.

I must have been asleep three seconds when I heard it:


I opened my eyes, and there he was... about eight inches from my face.

"Mom... I fixed my gate."

I sighed... and climbed out of bed to see what, "fixed my gate," would translate to in, "FML" language.

I found this:

He had unscrewed the bottom of his gate.

I can only guess as to what happened next, but I am pretty sure he:

Lifted the gate up, rested it in the doorway...

Brushed some dirt off his shoulder, and walked his cute butt out from underneath it.

He was probably all, "FREEEEDOM!"

I have to admit; I'm not even mad, I'm impressed.


  1. That's hilarious! We actually put a hook and eye on the outside of Landon's door because he was sleep walking at night and I once caught him trying to get outside! Terrified me!

  2. I am totally impressed!! He's a little He-Man!

    My son is still in his crib (I don't know why, he's 2.5 and could be in his toddler bed but he LOVES his crib) ... however, the day will come, and we too will be gating across our hall so he can only go in his room and ours when he crawls out of bed. Yeah, I'm totally looking forward to that.

  3. he is sooo Timmy!

  4. Hey girl, just thought Id let you know I nominated you for a blog award :)

  5. Omg so funny! I love how he said " I fixed my gate" as if it had been broken the whole time.


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