Seven Months

Dollface hit the seven month mark... she is killing me with this growing older business.

Special thanks to Jeni and Ella for the great onesie!

She is tipping the scales at 21.7 lbs, and is ready to switch into her big girl convertible car seat any day now.

She is screaming and babbling up a storm, and eating every single thing in sight.

 So far this month; tattoos, a leaf, and a napkin covered in pizza sauce (I caught her licking her lips that time).

She is always trying to dive in for a bite out of this kid too, can't say I blame her... he is sweet as a peach ya'll.

She is wearing size twelve months clothes comfortably, and has been cutting two front teeth (on the bottom) forrreevvver.

She is still, still, still not sleeping through the night... she is lucky she is cute, and squishy... and that her thighs are so nom-able.

 She still does this bottom lip tucked under thing... and screams, "DA DA DA DA..." all day longggg.

She wakes up happy as a clam, and ready to play, play, play. This little peanut is honestly never sad.

She is army crawling, slowly... but moving.

She gets around much quicker when she barrel rolls from one side of the room to the other... which is like every single minute of the day.

She claps non-stop... everything is a celebration for this chick.

Her little mitts slap together so gently, it makes the quietest little not clapping/clapping noise.

She is a Mama's Girl, and loves to nurse and eat, eat and nurse... all the live long day.

I am scared to stop nursing this little bean.

She holds on tight with both hands while she eats, and has this a tiny look of possessive-ness in her eyes... like, this is mine, all mine.

And since she doesn't have a pacifier, or a night night that she loves, and since it's the only thing in the house that her brother doesn't rip out of her hands... they kind of are, all hers.

She has the greatest little laugh, and just like her brother... super ticklish feet and arm pits.

Dollface loves her jumper, and is a grabby little thing; if you get too close, your hair/cheeks/clothes/eyes... they're hers.

As sad as I am to see the months fly by... it is fun to watch my little doll turn into her own little hybrid combo of our family members.

She loves to be home, with a house full of people... just like me.

She is shyer in public, just like her Daddy... and loud as a motha, just like her brother.

She is also all her own person too...

She is still calm, and inquisitive... just happy to look around, and check people out.

She is the most content person I have ever encountered in my life; she is just happy, to be happy.


  1. I love her in the onesie- so cute!

  2. I think it's crazy how much she looks like your husband and your son looks like you.


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