Ladybug's Godmother gave her a little cupcake table for Christmas.

It lasted one day in our house before Lovebug used it as a step stool and broke it.

Womp, womp.

I knew I wanted to reuse it somehow, and didn't feel like turning it back into a table.

I was unsure of what to do with this thing, until Lovebug dropped one of his famous one liners on me last week.

He said, "Hey Mom.. you know what? I love you in my life."

I love that sentence so much I want to squeeze the shit out of it all day.

I knew I had to keep those words in my life forever, and not just in a, "Remember when..." story.

So... with the help of my crafty friend; the broken cupcake tabletop, now hangs on the wall upstairs near our bedrooms.

And I get to relive that freaking cuteness every time I walk down the hall.

Except here's the thing... last night I put Lovebug to bed and he whispered in my ear,

"Goodnight my angel..."

And then this morning he looks at me in all my just rolled out of bed glory, and says...

"Mommy, you are as beautiful as the sky."

These are not things that we say to him... these are gems he is coming up with on his own.

I'm gonna need more broken tables.


  1. repurpose... my favorite type of craft. i have this broken down tv stand that i am dying to make over...

    btw tag... your it


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