Our Week... In Crappy Cell Phone Pics

1. Skyping with Daddy while he traveled for work.
2. Driving Lighting McQueen (which he also calls, "Jupiter") at Hunny's house.
3. Ladybug mastered the Army crawl.
2. We went to 6 different playgrounds this week... Yay for sunshine and long naps!
3. Fire truck chaser.
4. Ladybug sitting like a big girl (sans carrier) in the stroller.
1. Lovebug currently has 7 tattoos on him.. and loves this light up cup (seriously, who comes up with this stuff?).
2. Watching Daddy at the gym.
1. At the lake, trying to capture the three of us in one shot.
2. Sticks and little boys go together like peas and carrots.
3. Playing in the sandbox. Should be getting his haircut.
1. Climbing in the tires at the gym.
2. Me and the Doll on a walk.
3. Anytime that tee doesn't go flying across the yard is a home run in my book.

Three cheers for the weekend!

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