Ladybug's Easter

You may have noticed in my Easter post from yesterday that I didn't say anything about what the Dollface got from the big ol' bunny man.

We actually didn't get her a basket (gasp!), because.. come on, really?

 She doesn't understand, and why waste the money??

We did however, pull out her "new car seat" and new cover (yes!), just so Lovebug wouldn't think Easter was like his birthday 2.0.

We were all, "Lovebug! Look what the Easter Bunny left your sister! A new seat!!"

And he was super excited for her... Not half as excited as I was though.

The car seat cover that I ordered from this sweet Etsy shop came in last week and I was in shock when I saw how non-homemade looking this thing was.

Not lying, it is nicer quality that the one that CAME WITH THE BRITAX!

The fine folks on Etsy seriously need to cut that shit out with all their creativity and talent.... YOU ARE MAKING ME LOOK BAD!

Yes Granny, I am talking to you.

"Granny," is the seamstress behind the shop I bought this cover from.

She sews her nights away to help put her Grandchildren through Nursery School... I know... how sweet is that?

(Pssst... attention grandparents of the Bugs... Granny is making you look bad too!) (Just kidding.)

I was surprised to find Britax Marathon Replacement Car Seat Covers on Etsy.

I thought for sure I was limited to the boring options from the manufacturer... but for real, this thing fits like a damn glove.

And... just because you people are sweet, I schmoozed the shop owner up, and she agreed to offer Our Tiny Place readers 10% off any order, now THROUGH THE FALL.

Yup, you read that right.

If you're interested in a replacement cover for your Britax Marathon or Britax Roundabout car seat, just type the code GRANNY in at checkout, and boom... you'll save ten percent.

And lest you think I was bribed into telling you that this thing is the real deal... I will have you know I paid FULL PRICE for mine (I think it was $73.00 after shipping).

I am so happy with the quality, and the colors I chose... which are of course, cute and practical (like me).

Don't tell Husband, but I am already scoping out other covers.

 I love that the Doll is in a custom seat... it's so Beyonce of her.

And clearly, Lovebug has no clue that his old seat is under that new snazzy cover.

Mission Accomplished


  1. Ok, that is adorable! Now I want to go check what kind of carseat we have b/c I want one too. I know, I should know what kind of car seat we have but I can't recall :o

  2. Thanks for the compliment on my new header, I did do it myself. :)

    Just a little friendly FYI, I always try to reply to your comments (via email) but can't. Check out this tutorial I did last summer if you want to "keep the conversation going". Or, not. :)


    Happy week!

  3. That is SO cute! I am going to have to go check them out now... I like our carseat cover, but I feel like it is constant need of washing... so it would be super nice to have two :)


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