Just Sayin....

It's not a perfect match, but it's prettty close considering there are 26 years, 1 month, 1 week, and 3 days between us.

What a lucky kid.

I am dying to get knee deep in my Mom's giant box of pictures of my siblings and I as kids.

I know I can do better than this match, but when I found my Nursery School picture while cleaning the basement, I couldn't resist photoshopping us together.

Lovebug even asked me where he is in the picture on the left, and... "Am I wearing a dress, Mom?"

And since I am sure you are wondering about my haircut; I did it myself.

While my mom was on the phone. Naturally.


  1. I was going to ask about the haircut- lol. My husband and his mom look a lot alike too. I found a picture of her when she was around 15 and I could have sworn it was my husband in a dress.

  2. Twins! He looks exactly like you. I'm so happy you mentioned your haircut because I was going to comment something like "rockin haircut" but then I thought hmmm.... Considering I don't know you well enough to make sarcastic comments like that, maybe i shouldn't bc, you might get offended. But since I think you're cool enough to take it.... ROCKIN haircut!

    1. I dont offend easily! Bust my balls any time you think I deserve it!

  3. That picture brings me back to the first day I met you, the day of the infamous haircut!!! I'll never forget your Mom giving me the run down of how to properly fold laundry, well at least the Sandy way and then casually mentioning and this is Arell she got a hold of the scissors today. I can't believe we have kids the same age. Oh and yes, total spitting image. I should do that with Lars and I, we are twins as well.

  4. WOW. Seriously twins! I agree...he's a lucky kid :)


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