Thanks to a lot of encouragement from my mother, and my sister... Lovebug has been on a juggling kick.

Last week, while I was putting the Dolly to bed, I left the Bug under the watchful eye of Husband.

Oh Husband.

Such a well intentioned fellow.

Here is my news flash to you Sir:

Our children are going to be getting you in trouble for the next eighteen years.

Get used to it.

Anyway... I was just about back downstairs when I heard Husband yell from the kitchen,

And then the Bug, "Nah-fing."

Oh, "nah-fing".

That must be code for holding a carton of eggs in one hand, and tossing them into the air with the other.

Even though we were mad... in the end we actually laughed a lot about this.

Well... I laughed.

Husband sighed and complained...  while he scrubbed eggs off the floor, and I took pictures.

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