We carpe diemed the shit out of Easter this year.

I'm talking we were in the front yard with bubbles and a kite by 8 am.

I know.

Not to mention I had to find a screwdriver and remove the back of the bubble gun thinga majiggy to get it working... and we were STILL out there bubbling it up bright and early.

 From the bubbles machine we moved on to the kite.

Watching my boys try to launch that thing in zero wind made my heart skip a beat... I just love watching Husband play Daddy, it never gets old.

Once the kite finally got off the ground, Lovebug was running around flailing like a maniac, I mean... more so than usual.

 I think he thought Husband invented candy, firetrucks, and trains after he pulled off the kite in the air bizness.

If Lovebug gave two craps about the Easter Bunny, he sure didn't let on.

Probably  because I never explained it to him.

I mean, he is a kid, so anyone that brings candy and presents is alright with him.

He didn't ask any questions, or wonder what door he came through, if he was big or small, what color he was... nada.

The Dollface was just happy to sit back and watch... with something to nom on of course.

 After we were done playing in the yard we headed to not one, but two different family parties... both with looong car rides and big egg hunts.

Our kids are spoiled, spoiled, spoiled... and there is enough candy in this house to put a diabetic into the Hospital.

We got home late, and everyone was passed out in their beds almost immediately.

Myself included.

I took only one picture after we hit the road yesterday morning, and it was this:

In case anyone was wondering, Easter marked Day Four since Lovebug fell in love with the Space Ranger outfit, and he finally let us put him in something different!!

I know there are only 24 hours in a day, but I'd swear that on Easter there were more like 30.

We drove a fafillion miles, and saw a fafillion people.

I am not sure if I sat down, or relaxed all day... unless you count the moments when I had a little person hanging off my boob.

I ate every single thing in sight and feel like complete dog shit today.

If you need me, I will be under my bed in the fetal position.... hiding from peeps, chocolate bunnies... basically all candy with eyes.

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  1. So cute, I love " we carpe diemed the shit out of Easter" haha so funy


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