At Long Last... Mr. Swing Set!

At long last: our new swing set.

Admittedly, this is a pretty shitty picture of it.

I couldn't capture the whole ginormous thing in one shot.

 There's  more goodness on the other side of that rock wall...but I am terrible with a camera, so you get one angle, and that's it.

Anyway, we have already logged some serious family time hours on this puppy... which came to us just two days after I took charge and got all Beyonce on Husband about it (after dealing with this for almost a year).

The Bugs were inside, zoning out to TV and napping, when two men showed up and built this beaut in just under two hours.

Lovebug had no idea they were out there slaving away... and when the time came to surprise him, he was all:

Mom! A swing set! I never saw this before!? Is it mine?!

I died into a puddle.

Oh, my sweet little human child... why must you kill me with your cuteness??

His happiness slayed my already bursting heart... who cares if this swing set equals a car payment for 12 months.

Who friggin' cares about 200 beans a month?

Not me.

I would scrape it together, return cans, sell my shoes Husband's shoes, and eat nothing but ramen noodles for a year... if it meant that I could see my child this happy every single day.

Hold onto your hats folks, cause I'm about to rock your world with one too many pictures of my child... I am that woman. Go.

And since so many of you have emailed me and asked me to spill the real details about pricing on this puppy... I'm just gonna go ahead and do it... is that tacky?

Maybe it is, but I'm going for it anyway.

Okay... see this kinda boring but totally acceptable 2012 model swingset??

Signed, sealed, delivered and installed would cost $1900.00.

And our 2011 model, which was built last April and (the horror) sat outside for an entire winter, cost us $2200.00.

Here's the side by side rama-jama for you visual types.

Our set has all the cool add ons, plus the fort is honestly bigger than me, by a lot.


Oh yeh, and it would have been 3900 buckaroos new... so we saved almost 2k just by buying last year's model.

We've had Mr. Swing Set three weeks.

So far he has helped us get two ticks, poison ivy... and naps, naps, naps... my kids are TIRED from so much playing.

I'd say we have already gotten our money's worth outta this baby.

If you're thinking about trying to get a model version for your kids, I'd say start making calls next January or February to get on the list.

Maybe even the first time it snows, just make a call... it could save you a couple grand!

It's worth a shot!


  1. Oh that's wonderful! The grandparents are all getting our kids a playground for Easter and this blog post has me even more excited than I already was. How happy your little man looks!

  2. You got the Mac daddy swing set! My daughter would love if that was in our backyard. I would love it to, I would not mind hanging out in that fort and going down the slide a time or two without being judged by other moms at the public park ;)

  3. OMG! It's enormous! I want one- too bad the backyards around here are too freakin' measly.


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