29 in my 29th

I usually try to steer away from all things bucket listy.

I get pretty anxious when I think about committing to things long term.

I don't like the whole, "I could potentially let myself down," thing.

I would rather not hold myself to an unreachable standard, or set myself up for failure... you know?

At the same time... there are things that I should have already done...  and what better time than right now?

As in... the beginning of my 29th year.

Tomorrow I am turning the big 2-9... Gahhh.

I feel weird about it, only because 29 sounds so freaking old... and I don't feel like I am old.

I guess that is what everyone says.

Anyway, I thought a lot about this whole bucket list thing and decided that I should do things that I have never done before.

So, not like a bucket list at all really... more like a 29 things I will do in my 29th year list.

Long name, good concept.

This is not a list of things that I cant do once I turn 30... there is no rule against doing fun shit in your 30's... I hope.

Okay, here goes.

29 Things in My 29th Year.....

1- Waterski (I attempted this endlessly as a child and could never stand up on those bloody skis).

2- Sing karaoke in a bar.
3- Watch the Wizard of Oz. (I have never seen it start to finish. I know.)

4- Eat Sushi.

5- Back squat 200 pounds.

6- Do a strict pull up.

7- Plant a garden (and not kill it).

8- Fly in a plane with sky divers (I will not be diving). (I am nervous just typing that)

9- Write letters to my children for them to open on their 18th birthdays.

10- Go on vacation with my husband... just the two of us.

11- Sew a dress for my daughter.

12- Have my writing published... anywhere.

13- Learn to decorate cakes.

14- Take a shot with my Husband.... in almost 5 years of marriage, and 10 years together... we have never done this.

15- Get real henna on my foot.

16- Eat lunch at a Vineyard with my Mom, sisters,and sister in law... actually try a sip of wine.

17- Make homemade ice cream with the Bugs.

18- Make a stepping stone with my family... put it in the garden that I am not going to kill.

19- Re-learn all the continents.

20- Learn the states in alphabetical order.

21- Go up in a stunt (like I did as a high school and college cheerleader...)

22- Learn how to use the grille; cook something on it.

23- Take Lovebug on a Ferris Wheel.

24- Take the Bugs on a Ferry ride (my first).

25- Take a trapeze class.

26- Make a ginger bread house with the Bugs (my first).

27- Learn how to mow the lawn on a tractor.

28- Go snow skiing (I used to do this as a kid, but stopped well by age 8).

29- Play 9 holes of golf, drive the cart.

You may be rolling your eyes at some of these... but rest assured making this list took me roughly two hours.

If only I had put, "Make a list of things I should have done by now in my life," on my list...

 I'd be able to cross something off right now,and then I'd feel better about this whole commitment thing already.

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  1. Great list. I`ve seen a few of things floating around lately. I need to make my own. I might borrow some of the items on your list :)


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