I think I've lost my blogging mo-jo.

In our house, (as I am sure is the same in yours)... Spring means weddings, and parties, and event after event, after event.

We are busy.

They are growing... and crawling... and running.

I am having trouble keeping up with it all.

That is the honest to God truth... I am having trouble managing all the chaos, and something has got to give.

And so, my blog suffers... which makes me sad, if for no other reason than that I really do write to have the memories.

Every day that I miss out on blogging, I am sad to have missed jotting down whatever we did that day, to have missed logging the memory.

But at the same time... I like being present in their lives.

I like not always thinking...

Where's my camera? Where's my camera? Where the shit is my mother effing camera?!!!

I like just living the moments, and not... living them, and then mentally writing it down for later in my head.

You know?

If nothing else, I strive to have integrity in all that I do.

When I began this blog... it was for our family, our siblings, the grandparents, our friends.

 It was for those closest to us to experience a little bit of what our life was like... to watch our chaos unfold in almost real time.

Along the way, my blog captured the attention of a few new friends, and old friends, and Internet friends, and blogging friends....

Friends I haven't seen in years, people I never talk to, people that I don't even know are out there..

I am so honored that you all spend a few minutes of your day checking in on us...

Honestly, social media amazes me.

You have no idea what it means to me that you read my blog.

Did you know that I have my Bachelor's Degree in English??

I always wanted people to read my writing...

So much so that I started out by writing, "The Stall Street News," in College.

Do you know what that means?

That means people were reading my writing while they sat on the toilet.

It goes without saying that I didn't win any amazing writing awards for my stellar work about how NOT to get an STD.

So when I say it means a lot to me that you think my writing is worthy of your time ... I mean it.

But I want to keep the integrity of this blog, and of myself.

I refuse to blog just to blog.

To write crap just to keep the readers coming back...

I like to think, I mean, I hope... that you come back because you like what you read...

Not just because you are THAT bored at work.

My life is as crazy as yours, and probably, just as boring as yours too.

So every once in awhile, if I feel like just sitting back and watching the chaos unfold... and not writing about it that day during nap time...

I hope you'll forgive me.


Creator of the Universe

Even though I love that Husband's job offers him the ability to work from home every so often... it actually makes my life pretty damn difficult when he does.

Husband needs like absolute silence when he works.

And peace.

Oh yeh, and quiet song birds chirping, the smell of fresh laundry, a printer full of paper, stamps for days...

Okay, not all of that is true... but he does require a lot less noise than our kids are capable of.

So when he works from home, I work my ass off to keep the kiddies to a dull roar.

I am inside, I am outside, I am upstairs, I am downstairs...

I am everywhere that Husband is not.

I am a clown, I am a horse, I am a fire man, I am a dairy bar.

I am ninety seven things to two people... and I am doing it all quietly.

It is exhausting.

And today, I decided to add, "Creator of the Universe," to my plate.

No big deal.

Lovebug has been eying Ladybug's mobile for months... begging for one of his own.

I was feeling bad about not getting all home-made on a mobile for his room, and so... the Solar System Mobile Project was born.

Man, what a fucking pain in the ass the Solar System is.

First of all, I should never have consulted Husband.

I was all, "I am going to make a mobile, and it will be really simple, and....."

And that is where he cut me off and was all, "It'll be the solar system, with the planets in the correct positions, and the correct colors, and Saturn will have rings!"

I will give you one guess who was not present while I was taking toothpicks to Saturn's face today, trying to secure those damn rings.

Anyway... this is only step one, or should I say, way more than step one.

First... I took apart this floral thinga-majig... and painted it black.

It cost about 2 bucks at Micheal's.

Then I spray painted the sun, which had been thrown around the house for a week by a certain toddler terrorist... hence the dents.

I continued on to each of the planets... which are not all different sizes because the craft store sells them as one size per bag.

I was not interested in spending $100 on this project, so the planets around here all wear the same size jeans.

Anyway, each planet got a base coat of paint, and then a top coat to make it look planet-y.

Except Jupiter.

That piece of crap Jupiter.

I thought I was done and then I am putting it together and I'm like... where the eff is Jupiter?

Oh Jupiter is in the bag, because you didn't make him yet... ass.

Right. Stupid Jupiter.

And if you're wondering about Pluto, which is not a planet anymore.... in our house it is.

And it is smaller than all the rest.

Because I happened to find a random small ball in the toy room that fit the bill.

I kept Pluto because I am a child of the 80's... and when I was in school, Pluto existed.

Anyway... the next step will be putting glow in the dark paint all over this puppy... so it'll look cool at night too.

And then hang this baby up, and call it a day.

Husband has high hopes that Lovebug will have the planets memorized by Kindergarten.

To be honest... I don't really care if he learns anything from this thing or not... he asked for it, so I made it for him.

That's what Mom's do, right??

Plus it's just one more thing I can add to the list that I'll use to guilt trip him when he gets older....

I carried you in my womb for nine months...
I raised you, fed you, bathed you....
I built you a solar system mobile that glowed in the dark, and had almost every planet on it...



Some days... things just suck.

Like yesterday, when Ladybug reached her little paw underneath my dresser.. and found a teeny triangular piece of my retainer.. that must have broken off three months ago...

She popped it into her mouth; and then gagged, and choked, and puked.

I got it out, and she is okay. Thank God for that.

And then there's Lovebug; well, he took his bowl of popcorn and stood in it, tipping little kernels all over the carpet.

Then just to get his point across, he danced on them, making sure they were good and mashed into that carpet like potatoes.

And then when I put him into Ladybug's crib to play... he jumped up and down, until her mattress was a see-saw... and she was up, and he was down.

Moments like these; they make me want to pull my graying hair out.

They hurt my stomach and make me feel like less of a mother, and more of a failure.

I should watch more closely, I should be more of a hard ass, I should sleep more, play more, clean more...

But then I remember... a friend of mine from the gym, she says this thing.

She says, "It's just a blip on the radar."

I do believe I met this woman just so she would say that one sentence to me... because it has changed my life, my views, my blood pressure.

As long as they are okay, and healthy, and happy, and loved, and squeezed, and hugged... then it's just a blip.

And I am lucky to be apart of them, good or bad... they are our blips... ones we experience, and learn from, together.

It wont be long now until Lovebug figures out that a kiss from me doesn't actually heal a boo-boo.

...Until Ladybug stops nursing.

...Until the two of them run ahead of me in the Mall so I won't embarrass them.

I never realized how fast life moved until I had children to throw everyday into fast forward.

It makes me sad to see them grow and change so quickly... so I'll take each tiny minute, and I'll embrace it.

Even if I hate that minute, like the day I stepped in Lovebug's shit in bare feet.

I'll take it, because life moves fast... and I don't want to miss these tiny moments of goodness and badness.

Even when I am disciplining, or reaching my hand into my daughter's throat to pull out a piece of my breast pump... even then, I will appreciate these moments, because they are only blips on the radar of their lives.

They are young for such a short amount of time... every minute is one minute closer to school, the bus, friends... less Mom, more... everything else.

Not every moment is a perfect one, but they're all quick ones.

And so I'll take every single blip as it comes my way.

I will savor them; sweet or sour, I will keep them close, and re-tell them for years to come.


Turning Twenty Nine

My birthday is my all time favorite day of the year.

Does that make me selfish?


But... I have to say, my Husband is pretty amazing to me every year on 4/20.

 He pretty much makes sure I have a perfect day, no matter what it takes.

For one single solitary day of the whole year... I. do. nothing.

I mean, relatively speaking... I still have to be a Mom, but my birthday brings a lot of extra help.

I am a lucky girl.

I got a new camera to take some new snazzy, updated, prettier pictures on, from the Man in my life.

And from the tiny humans...

Pink flowers from my little lady, and blue flowers from my little man.

From my parents, weightlifting shoes... from my siblings, gift cards and cake.

Husband also made me an Icebox Cake... from scratch.

He even used the mixer.

I pretty much melted at the sight of him getting all Betty Crocker just for me.

Twenty-Nine seems pretty great so far.

I am exactly where I always hoped I'd be in my life, and I am thrilled to be here.

Oh yeh, and I memorized my continents... for real this time.


29 in my 29th

I usually try to steer away from all things bucket listy.

I get pretty anxious when I think about committing to things long term.

I don't like the whole, "I could potentially let myself down," thing.

I would rather not hold myself to an unreachable standard, or set myself up for failure... you know?

At the same time... there are things that I should have already done...  and what better time than right now?

As in... the beginning of my 29th year.

Tomorrow I am turning the big 2-9... Gahhh.

I feel weird about it, only because 29 sounds so freaking old... and I don't feel like I am old.

I guess that is what everyone says.

Anyway, I thought a lot about this whole bucket list thing and decided that I should do things that I have never done before.

So, not like a bucket list at all really... more like a 29 things I will do in my 29th year list.

Long name, good concept.

This is not a list of things that I cant do once I turn 30... there is no rule against doing fun shit in your 30's... I hope.

Okay, here goes.

29 Things in My 29th Year.....

1- Waterski (I attempted this endlessly as a child and could never stand up on those bloody skis).

2- Sing karaoke in a bar.
3- Watch the Wizard of Oz. (I have never seen it start to finish. I know.)

4- Eat Sushi.

5- Back squat 200 pounds.

6- Do a strict pull up.

7- Plant a garden (and not kill it).

8- Fly in a plane with sky divers (I will not be diving). (I am nervous just typing that)

9- Write letters to my children for them to open on their 18th birthdays.

10- Go on vacation with my husband... just the two of us.

11- Sew a dress for my daughter.

12- Have my writing published... anywhere.

13- Learn to decorate cakes.

14- Take a shot with my Husband.... in almost 5 years of marriage, and 10 years together... we have never done this.

15- Get real henna on my foot.

16- Eat lunch at a Vineyard with my Mom, sisters,and sister in law... actually try a sip of wine.

17- Make homemade ice cream with the Bugs.

18- Make a stepping stone with my family... put it in the garden that I am not going to kill.

19- Re-learn all the continents.

20- Learn the states in alphabetical order.

21- Go up in a stunt (like I did as a high school and college cheerleader...)

22- Learn how to use the grille; cook something on it.

23- Take Lovebug on a Ferris Wheel.

24- Take the Bugs on a Ferry ride (my first).

25- Take a trapeze class.

26- Make a ginger bread house with the Bugs (my first).

27- Learn how to mow the lawn on a tractor.

28- Go snow skiing (I used to do this as a kid, but stopped well by age 8).

29- Play 9 holes of golf, drive the cart.

You may be rolling your eyes at some of these... but rest assured making this list took me roughly two hours.

If only I had put, "Make a list of things I should have done by now in my life," on my list...

 I'd be able to cross something off right now,and then I'd feel better about this whole commitment thing already.


Wordless Wednesday

"All I really need is a song in my heart; food in my belly, and love in my family."
- Raffi


Just Sayin....

It's not a perfect match, but it's prettty close considering there are 26 years, 1 month, 1 week, and 3 days between us.

What a lucky kid.

I am dying to get knee deep in my Mom's giant box of pictures of my siblings and I as kids.

I know I can do better than this match, but when I found my Nursery School picture while cleaning the basement, I couldn't resist photoshopping us together.

Lovebug even asked me where he is in the picture on the left, and... "Am I wearing a dress, Mom?"

And since I am sure you are wondering about my haircut; I did it myself.

While my mom was on the phone. Naturally.



Thanks to a lot of encouragement from my mother, and my sister... Lovebug has been on a juggling kick.

Last week, while I was putting the Dolly to bed, I left the Bug under the watchful eye of Husband.

Oh Husband.

Such a well intentioned fellow.

Here is my news flash to you Sir:

Our children are going to be getting you in trouble for the next eighteen years.

Get used to it.

Anyway... I was just about back downstairs when I heard Husband yell from the kitchen,

And then the Bug, "Nah-fing."

Oh, "nah-fing".

That must be code for holding a carton of eggs in one hand, and tossing them into the air with the other.

Even though we were mad... in the end we actually laughed a lot about this.

Well... I laughed.

Husband sighed and complained...  while he scrubbed eggs off the floor, and I took pictures.


Bad, Then Good

Just about twice a year, I want a beer.

I hate the taste of alcohol, but sometimes, (twice a year), I just feel like sitting down with a Bud Light and relaxing.

Yesterday was one of those days (though I didn't actually drink a beer, I just wanted one).

The Bugs were in rare form.

If they had started howling at the moon it wouldn't have surprised me one bit, because they acted like animals all damn day.

I folded laundry, they unfolded laundry.

I put them in bed, they got out of bed.

I made them lunch, they threw lunch on the floor.

It went like that.

I love my children, and I am so thankful for all of the millions of blessings we have in our lives, but everyone is entitled to a day when they want to just hand life over to their Husband and say... "See you in the fucking morning, good luck."

That was me yesterday.

Until I heard from my blogging friend Ashlea, who gave me my first ever blogging award.

Aaaah... a breathe of fresh air in a day that otherwise... smelled like shit.

I am so happy that someone decided to be nice to me.

Anyway, this award, called the Liebster Award, is for bloggers with up and coming blogs, with less than 200 followers.

That's me!

And, since I publicly proclaimed that this was the year that I would do bigger things with this little blog of mine...I was more than a little excited to get recognized!

I even did a speech.

To myself. In the bathroom. While I was hiding from my kids.

Okay, okay... enough with the bad day talk, and on with the award.

In order to receive my award, I have to list 5 random things about myself, and nominate 5 other bloggers that fit the bill.

So here we go:

Five Random Facts About Me:

1- I know nothing about geography.
2- I like getting lost because I have an amazing sense of direction, and love to figure out how to get back on track.
3- I am obsessed with my children's names... I think we did a good ass job (yes I will pat us on the back).
4- I have a terrible memory. I constantly re-tell the same stories to my friends, but they love me so they re-listen.
5- I love to lift weights, like big ones. I wish I was as strong as my friends.

To pay it forward, I am supposed to nominate 5 other bloggers... so here we go!

Thanks again to Ashlea for thinking of me!

If you have just received this award, click here to check out the rules for accepting it!


Our Week... In Crappy Cell Phone Pics

1. Skyping with Daddy while he traveled for work.
2. Driving Lighting McQueen (which he also calls, "Jupiter") at Hunny's house.
3. Ladybug mastered the Army crawl.
2. We went to 6 different playgrounds this week... Yay for sunshine and long naps!
3. Fire truck chaser.
4. Ladybug sitting like a big girl (sans carrier) in the stroller.
1. Lovebug currently has 7 tattoos on him.. and loves this light up cup (seriously, who comes up with this stuff?).
2. Watching Daddy at the gym.
1. At the lake, trying to capture the three of us in one shot.
2. Sticks and little boys go together like peas and carrots.
3. Playing in the sandbox. Should be getting his haircut.
1. Climbing in the tires at the gym.
2. Me and the Doll on a walk.
3. Anytime that tee doesn't go flying across the yard is a home run in my book.

Three cheers for the weekend!


Sneaky Bug

Lovebug and his shenanigans are at it again.

This time, the victim was his gate...

(Remember when this happened?)

Because Lovebug likes to climb out of bed twenty times a night just to be a pain in the ass for no reason at all, we put a gate in front of his door so he wont wander the halls all night long.

I guess you could say we cage our animal at night... figuratively speaking of course.

Annnnyway, Little Man is getting too damn smart for his own good.

I am already worried about the things he will pull off when he gets to High School. Oy.

Okay, so this gate does not screw into the wall, which is something we actually really love about it (no holes to patch, no drilling).

Instead it is like a pressure rod for a shower, you just use your hands to screw with all your might until it cant go any further.

Great concept, except for one thing...

The little shit figured out how to unscrew it himself.

I never would have thought it possible, but somehow that pint sized Houdini figured out that he could, "left loosey," his way to freedom.

And that's exactly what he did.

He had been getting out of bed at nap-time and sitting in his doorway for about a week.

I usually just let him sit there for about twenty minutes before going up and putting him back in bed.

It would appear, that over the course of that week, Lovebug Shawshank Redemption-ed the shit out of that gate.

Last week, while the kiddos took their naps, I closed my eyes to take what I thought would be a quick mid day snooze.

I must have been asleep three seconds when I heard it:


I opened my eyes, and there he was... about eight inches from my face.

"Mom... I fixed my gate."

I sighed... and climbed out of bed to see what, "fixed my gate," would translate to in, "FML" language.

I found this:

He had unscrewed the bottom of his gate.

I can only guess as to what happened next, but I am pretty sure he:

Lifted the gate up, rested it in the doorway...

Brushed some dirt off his shoulder, and walked his cute butt out from underneath it.

He was probably all, "FREEEEDOM!"

I have to admit; I'm not even mad, I'm impressed.


Wordless Wednesday Photo Dump

"Let the stars fade and fall,
and I won't care at all...
As long as I have you."

- Elvis Presley


Ladybug's Easter

You may have noticed in my Easter post from yesterday that I didn't say anything about what the Dollface got from the big ol' bunny man.

We actually didn't get her a basket (gasp!), because.. come on, really?

 She doesn't understand, and why waste the money??

We did however, pull out her "new car seat" and new cover (yes!), just so Lovebug wouldn't think Easter was like his birthday 2.0.

We were all, "Lovebug! Look what the Easter Bunny left your sister! A new seat!!"

And he was super excited for her... Not half as excited as I was though.

The car seat cover that I ordered from this sweet Etsy shop came in last week and I was in shock when I saw how non-homemade looking this thing was.

Not lying, it is nicer quality that the one that CAME WITH THE BRITAX!

The fine folks on Etsy seriously need to cut that shit out with all their creativity and talent.... YOU ARE MAKING ME LOOK BAD!

Yes Granny, I am talking to you.

"Granny," is the seamstress behind the shop I bought this cover from.

She sews her nights away to help put her Grandchildren through Nursery School... I know... how sweet is that?

(Pssst... attention grandparents of the Bugs... Granny is making you look bad too!) (Just kidding.)

I was surprised to find Britax Marathon Replacement Car Seat Covers on Etsy.

I thought for sure I was limited to the boring options from the manufacturer... but for real, this thing fits like a damn glove.

And... just because you people are sweet, I schmoozed the shop owner up, and she agreed to offer Our Tiny Place readers 10% off any order, now THROUGH THE FALL.

Yup, you read that right.

If you're interested in a replacement cover for your Britax Marathon or Britax Roundabout car seat, just type the code GRANNY in at checkout, and boom... you'll save ten percent.

And lest you think I was bribed into telling you that this thing is the real deal... I will have you know I paid FULL PRICE for mine (I think it was $73.00 after shipping).

I am so happy with the quality, and the colors I chose... which are of course, cute and practical (like me).

Don't tell Husband, but I am already scoping out other covers.

 I love that the Doll is in a custom seat... it's so Beyonce of her.

And clearly, Lovebug has no clue that his old seat is under that new snazzy cover.

Mission Accomplished



We carpe diemed the shit out of Easter this year.

I'm talking we were in the front yard with bubbles and a kite by 8 am.

I know.

Not to mention I had to find a screwdriver and remove the back of the bubble gun thinga majiggy to get it working... and we were STILL out there bubbling it up bright and early.

 From the bubbles machine we moved on to the kite.

Watching my boys try to launch that thing in zero wind made my heart skip a beat... I just love watching Husband play Daddy, it never gets old.

Once the kite finally got off the ground, Lovebug was running around flailing like a maniac, I mean... more so than usual.

 I think he thought Husband invented candy, firetrucks, and trains after he pulled off the kite in the air bizness.

If Lovebug gave two craps about the Easter Bunny, he sure didn't let on.

Probably  because I never explained it to him.

I mean, he is a kid, so anyone that brings candy and presents is alright with him.

He didn't ask any questions, or wonder what door he came through, if he was big or small, what color he was... nada.

The Dollface was just happy to sit back and watch... with something to nom on of course.

 After we were done playing in the yard we headed to not one, but two different family parties... both with looong car rides and big egg hunts.

Our kids are spoiled, spoiled, spoiled... and there is enough candy in this house to put a diabetic into the Hospital.

We got home late, and everyone was passed out in their beds almost immediately.

Myself included.

I took only one picture after we hit the road yesterday morning, and it was this:

In case anyone was wondering, Easter marked Day Four since Lovebug fell in love with the Space Ranger outfit, and he finally let us put him in something different!!

I know there are only 24 hours in a day, but I'd swear that on Easter there were more like 30.

We drove a fafillion miles, and saw a fafillion people.

I am not sure if I sat down, or relaxed all day... unless you count the moments when I had a little person hanging off my boob.

I ate every single thing in sight and feel like complete dog shit today.

If you need me, I will be under my bed in the fetal position.... hiding from peeps, chocolate bunnies... basically all candy with eyes.


Blog Chain Letter... (I'm It)

I've been tagged in these blog chain letters for like, a fafillion weeks now... and I am just always too lazy to do them.

But, it's the weekend... and I will do anything to avoid folding laundry... so I may as well join in the fun.

What does that mean for you?

Nothing really.

Except that you get to read a bunch of BS about me that you probably could care less about.

But chances are you are avoiding doing laundry too, so you'll read it anyway. Am I right?

Prepare to be dazzled by how awesome I really am (if there isn't sarcasm ooozing through your computer screen... get ready, cause it's about to blow your speakers).

one photo. eleven random facts. eleven answers and eleven questions. 
its like a chain letter, only the blog version 

rules {because there is always rules}:
1.  post these rules
2.  post a photo of yourself & eleven random facts about you
3.  answer the questions given to you in the tagger's post
4.  create eleven new questions and tag new people to answer them
5.  go to their blog and let them know they have been tagged

Eleven Facts About Me:
1. My real name is hard to pronounce, and totally stalk-able, so I go by, "Mama".
2. In real life I call Lovebug, "Boom." This started when he was a year old because he was always falling down.
3. I am obsessed with Q-tips and cleaning my ears; even though you're not supposed to stick them in your ears.
4. I once had a man arrested for pretending to be me on AIM. I'd do it again too.
5. I have always wanted 5 children; but I am pretty sure I will be cut off at 3.
6. I got my tongue pierced on Easter Sunday when I was 18. By a man wearing no shirt or shoes, in the bathroom of a Tiki shop in Fort Lauderdale. Oh to be young and dumb again.
7. I love new socks, and flip flops.
8. I hate the taste of alcohol.
9. I heart vacuum lines, Pine-Sol, and bleach.
10. I wish I wore more accessories; but I think bracelets make my arms look fat, and necklaces make my boobs look big. First world problems.
11. I can find something beautiful or admirable about nearly every person that crosses my path.

Eleven Answers:

1. guiltiest tv pleasure?
Reality TV... the trashier the better.

2. what is the strangest word/term anyone has used to land on your blog?
"Can I Febreze my vagina?" and most recently, "Mom Butt," (I can only imagine the context).

3. one word to describe the teenage you?

4. while were talking about the teenage you, who was your celeb crush back then?
I don't think I had one.

5. what would you rather have... a chef? maid? or babysitter?
A MAID! All day! I would be the best boss ever, just in case anyone is interested in working FO' FREE!

6. do you have a bucket list? if so, whats one thing on it?
I don't... I'm too much a worry wart... I would write it down, and immediately stress about not being able to complete it.

7. a genie has granted you two extra hours each day. what will you do?
SLEEP! And spend time with my Husband... folding laundry (womp, womp).

8. that genie sticks around... one wish. what is it?
That I would always be as blessed as I am today. That's the truth.

9. are you a talk on the phone or text message type of gal?
Text! Who has time to chat??

10. ten years from now... where are you?
Hopefully in a new town, in a bigger home that is semi-clean and organized; and full, full, full of kids. I want to be the house that people go to for prom pictures, pasta parties, and play dates.

Eleven New Questions for Laura, Jen, Lindsay, Renee, Ashlea, Annie, Jessi, Dani

1- If you could live anywhere where would it be?
2- You can only wear one kind of shoes for the rest of your life... what kind would it be?
3- Something you do daily, that you'd rather not do?
4- What sites do you visit daily on line?
5- Where is the "dumping zone," in your house?
6- Favorite thing to make in the kitchen?
7-  Do you hope to make your blog a business?
8-  What are you afraid of?
9- How do you feel about toilet seat covers?
10- What do you do to stay fit?
11- Would you get plastic surgery? Where?

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