Where Does He Come Up With This Stuff?

Lovebug is sitting on his potty.

"Mom... I'm goin' poop!"

"Okay, here I come."

Lovebug stands. I wipe him, and look into the potty.

"Oh, what a little tiny poop..." I begin to walk away.

"No Mom, No! Don't dump it! I want to see! I want to see the yittle poop!"

I think to myself...

"Self, you have the weirdest kid on the planet. Show him the poop so you can stop holding this potty in your friggin' hand." 

Lovebug is jumping up and down now...begging and pleading to see the poop.

"See Lovebug, here it is. "

Lovebug looks into the potty and surveys the situation.

"Aww... a yittle poop... how cute."


  1. Hahahaha that's classic. THIS is the story that has to get told at his high school graduation. Lol

  2. Bahaha! He's not weird, I'm pretty sure all kids are obsessed with poop. Nico wants me to look at his every time he goes. :/


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