Today my freaking hard drive shit the bed.

Even though, my computer was probably 10 years old, had already been re-furbished once and had lived zillions of miles longer than it should have, I was still sad.

I handled it pretty well considering every picture ever taken of my children was on there.

I didn't even cry (yet).

My tech geek Uncle promised to check out the old girl for me to see if any of my files can be salvaged.

 Picture me keeping my digits crossed and hoping for the best.

If he tells me they are all kaput;  THEN I will cry.

Buckets. Big ones, like the Home Depot kind.

Ughhh.... I am so sad.

 Poor little hard drive.

I called Husband at work and did my best Snooki, "WAhhh!"

He half listened, but as usual, was too busy for my mid-day panic attacks.

So imagine my surprise when he finally came home from work at 9 pm and handed me a brand spanking new computer (thank you tax season).

He was listening! And thoughtful!

I think someone might be feeling guilty about working a lot; leaving me no time to work out, blog, think, shower... zilch (shout out to you single Moms out there: HOW DO YOU DO IT!?).

Or, maybe it's the upcoming trip he is making to Canada for a Bachelor party??

Whatever the reason...

I am only human.

I can be bought.

He is forgiven for whatever he thinks he did wrong.


  1. You need an online backup service like Carbonite, $60 a year or less and you can retrieve your files if your computer shits out. totally worth it.

  2. external hardrive!!! When our computer crashed in December I lost everything except my pics. As long as I had those, I'd survive.


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