This Happened (Swing Set Edition)

Remember this sad scene that is our swing set cemetery backyard??

 Ugh.... I hate it.

This project has been plaguing us forever (see other posts here, here, and here).

Don't worry, Dollface doesn't play out here; ever.

It gives me a heart attack when he even gets this close.

But, he is a stubborn little thing, so I let him poke around a bit today... just this once... because I have a secret.

Call me Beyonce, or Miss Independent, or someone else who doesn't A SHIT because yesterday I put on my big girl pants and went out and bought this bad boy... all by myself.

I use the term "bought" loosely.

I walked into a local woodworking store and said, "I want that one... here is my ID, here is my signature."

The saleslady just about foamed at the mouth when she saw me come flying in, Ladybug in tow.

She didn't have to try to sell me anything; I was a sure thing, I was sold.

Having your backyard look like a crack den for an entire year will do that to a woman.

If you're wondering if Husband is going to kill me, don't worry, he wont.

Here's how this all happened:

This past weekend we had tentatively scheduled a date with my cousin to fix the swing set grave yard once and for all (if you're keeping track, that would have been the 4th person to come help Husband with this project).

Well, plans fell through, but Husband was already on the hook with me, so he was all...

"Tell me how to level the yard, and I'll do it".

So, I went on YouTube and found this video about how to make a safe play area for your kids.

Husband took one look at this video and said, "I am never doing that."

So I was all...

"That's fine. But I am going to buy a new swing set. That was not a question."

He paused for just a second.

He was looking at me like I had suggested we do something dirty.

His eyes were shining, he loved the idea.

"YUP. Do it."

So that's how I found myself sitting in a woodworking office, signing papers to finance this beautiful play land.

Here it is again, cause I like it... and cause I don't want you to have to scroll up to see it.
Yes, I said FINANCE.

As in, we now have a 3rd car payment, except it is in the form of a swing set.

Did you know that you could finance a swing set?

Seriously... did you know?

Because this is information that would have been useful LAST YEAR!!

Ohandplusalso... they offer 12 months no interest... score!

Annnd... since I was already wearing my Miss Independent pants, I decided to throw on my Miss Make Me A Deal Beyotch shirt to go with it.

Before heading out to make this big buy, I had called every swing set retailer in the whole state, trying to find the biggest and best DISPLAY MODEL that I could get in our price range.

So, for the same money that I was going to spend on a brand new pretty boring and average model; I instead got a humongous one that was built last April, and sat on display for a year... big whoop right?

Well, that big whoop is coming back to our Bugs in the form of a much bigger and better set than we would otherwise have been able to afford... boo-yah for being stingy right?

Instead of a 2012 set, we are getting a 2011.

That is actually a thing for those in the know with swing sets, they have model years... weird right?

What does all this swing set talk mean for you??

Well, nothing really, unless you're in the market for a set of your own... (or planning on coming over anytime soon).

You see, every single place I called told me that their models were on sale only until the end of the week.

Swing set season officially starts NEXT WEEK...but this week?

This week the sales are on and too good to pass up.

And... Lowe's told me that in two weeks they will be offering FREE installation on their swing sets, which could end up saving you between $300 and $500 depending on how big a set you buy.

I am just full of useless swing set knowledge, right??

I am so excited for it to be delivered, leveled, and installed next week: by someone other than Husband!

I cant freaking WAIT to have a safe play area IN OUR BACKYARD!

No more going to the park EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

Now I can park myself in the yard! Yes!

I suggested we tell Lovebug that it's from the Easter Bunny, so we don't have to buy him anything for Easter.

Husband vetoed that idea with the quickness.

He was all,

"If the Easter Bunny wants to make the payments on the swings, then it can be from him..."

Point taken: From Beyonce Mommy and Daddy it is!

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  1. Thanks for visiting Semi-Charmed Kind of Life! That playground is AMAZING. Good for you for just going for it! :)


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