Solo Socks

I claim to be an expert of nothing.

I prefer to be the one searching for answers, rather than giving them.

But this time, people actually asked... so here goes:

Last week Husband posted a picture on his Facebook page with this caption underneath it:

"Apparently our laundry machine is taking my wife's socks hostage...if you've seen the matches to any of these 21 socks....please call the hotline today."

He's a real peach, right?

Anyway, said picture got quite a few comments, one of which was my own:

"I actually learned a cool trick and no longer lose socks... I have a drawer full of 50 matched pairs!"

You would think I said I had a money tree in our damn backyard... the amount of people that messaged me and asked about me to spill my sock secret is ridiculous!

Apparently solo socks is a pretty common problem.

What works for me?

Clothes pins.

They sit here, on my dresser.

I take the socks off my feet, pin them together, and toss them in the hamper.

I do the same with the Bug's socks... (the littler the socks, the easier they are to lose if you ask me).

Then, when our socks come out of the wash... they look like this:

Already paired up and ready to be tossed in our drawers.

Zero extra work for me.

It's not rocket science, but good ideas rarely are.

Do you have solo sock problems??

Or a better idea than mine??

I'd love to hear it!

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