He's Lucky He's Cute

This little monster put me through the freaking ringer this weekend with his sleep antics at nap time.

He might look sweet and innocent, but when he wants to be...

....Boyfriend (bless his heart) can be a big pain in the ass.

He did the whole, I am going to ignore every word you say, do the opposite of everything you ask thing for like a frickin' hour.

He has that act perfected like only a terrorist toddler can.

I was taking deep breaths... giving myself a Pep Talk...

"You can do this, you are in charge, you are lucky, he is healthy, he is happy, he is nutty...."

...and then he yelled in my face; kicked me in the shin and screamed...

"Come on Mom, Dance Party!"

(Have I mentioned that I believe toddlers are bi-polar??)

Before I knew it, this was happening:

And I lost all sense of myself as a tough guy Mom...and instead, turned into a puddle of non-disciplinary action.

With the quick shake of a cute booty... the little monster was forgiven.

Note to Self: 

Grow a pair before he goes to High School.

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