Gift Giving

Some people are pretty serious about wanting gifts only from their registry, and nothing extra.

Not. One. Tiny. Little. Thing.

Those people hate me.

I think registry's are annoying.

I mean, I get their purpose, but there are so few surprises in life... I like to be different, and so... if you are a, "registry only," person... you probably wouldn't want me at your shower.

I had to really think outside the box for my Best Friend's shower, which you read about yesterday.

Being in a wedding can get pricey, so I was trying to compensate for my less than deep pockets.

I got to thinking, about what things I really loved from my own wedding.

This plate from my sisters, which we used as a guest book... is definitely at the top of my list.

Were you at our wedding? Can you find your name?

We like to look at it and find different people's names, and point out who has gotten married, divorced, or gone to jail since then (you think I'm kidding).

We honestly use this plate like fifty five times a week... okay, maybe a little less than that, but we do love it.

Anyway, my love for this plate, is how my bestie's personalized plate came to be.

See, if you buy one of these personalized guest book plates on line, they are like ninety bananas!


So I did this:

- Came up with fantastic idea.

- Recruited poor college student with amazing art skills to help.

Poor College student then did this:

- Bought huge, enormous, triple the size of my own platter.

- Bought Martha Stewart's All Purpose Paint in wedding colors.

 I then:

- Paid hungry college student to do amazing work.

- Baked plate at 350 degrees for a half hour, so paint stays on for-eeevver (read paint tube for full set of directions).

This gift came out better than I ever could have imagined.

And, since you didn't ask, but I feel like showing you the whole boring plate to amazing platter process.... take a look.

The Bride to Be was so happy with her gift that she said it might never become a guest book after all.

Because really?

Would you want a bajillion names cluttering up this plate??

So yeh... Maybe I am an annoying person to have at your shower because I refuse to just be obedient and buy off the registry....

But come on, you cant tell me that a personalized, one of a kind piece of artwork that matches your wedding invites isn't way better than a freaking blender.

Ohandplusalso... in case you were wondering, no... I didn't wear yoga pants to the Shower.

Lovebug didn't come to the shower, but if he had... this is probably what he would have be wearing!

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  1. What a great idea! I love any and everything bird!


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