Flash Back Friday

Every once in awhile I will walk by this picture on our fridge and think:

"I can't believe I married my prom date."

Which is almost always followed by,

"I can't believe my parent's let me wear that dress!"

It's true, Husband and I went to Prom together.

When I look back at our pictures, it is crazy to me that the guy who chased me my entire senior year... ended up giving me my whole life.

(We look like Babies!)

Sorry, I know that was sappy.

(Feel free to make a gagging noise in my general direction.)

Sometimes being a Stay At Home Mom means you are totally encompassed in all things kids, kids, kids.

It is easy to forget who came first... the chicken or the egg... figuratively speaking.

Husband being the chicken of course, and the Bugs being the egg.

And then Husband will do something great.

Like threaten to start a blog of his own, and call it:

Dumb Shit My Wife Says.

He will tell me it will be a best seller (which makes no sense), and he will laugh as he recaps all the ridiculous numbers I have pulled on him this week alone.

 Before I know it, I will be laughing too.

And I will remember who came first, and why.

Because in our house; ridiculous equals romance.

It's not flowers and love notes, but it works for us.

And if all else fails, I can always try to squeeze myself back into my Prom Dress.

That'd be good for a laugh!


  1. omg seriously. you look HOT... but if my 16 year old thinks for ONE second she will be wearing a dress like that.. she has another think coming.

    oh man. im scared.

  2. OMG. I love that picture! I've known my husband since I was 12, since we grew up in the same neighbourhood but I can't say he took me to prom. Great backless dress by the way! You looked incredible.

  3. I went to prom with my hubby too- my dress was the same color but not nearly as sexy. I often think about what my parents let me do that I can't believe. Like in 11th and 12th grade I went away to the Jersey Shore with my friends for the weekend- really?!? Looking back at it I think it's so crazy that they let me go get drunk with a bunch of other teenagers 4 hours away from home. At least the show wasn't out then, I definitely wouldn't have been able to go.

  4. I love it!!!! What an EXCELLENT post. We all looked amazing at prom and sadly enough I know there isn't a chance in hell I would ever fit into mine. You guys are too cute.


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