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Here's your disclaimer:

No one is paying me to write this... I am really just this obsessed with this thing.

Look at me calling my new best friend a, "thing"...

How rude of me.

Let me formally introduce you to my girlfriend... The InStyler.

How the frig I lived my whole life without this little number, I will never know.

There is nothing on Earth like my new girlfriend, she is fan-freaking-tastic, amazing, absolutely positively awesome.

I am not going to show you before and after pictures of myself while I use it, because honestly, that is embarrassing.

Just picture me looking like one of Marge Simpson's sisters before, and a super hot smoke show after... or something like that.


Here is where I will begin to sound like an "As Seen On TV, " ad... brace yourselves.

I had never even heard of this thing before chopping my locks a few weeks back.

But as I whined to my hair dresser about how freaking horrible I am at doing my hair, she was all..

"Girlfriend, get the InStyler."

I love that woman.

She was totally right... the InStyler is where it's at.

It was a tad pricey at 100 bananas (you can get it for $80 at Bed, Bath & Beyond by using a 20% off coupon... I was just too excited to wait for one to come in the mail).

Buuut... my hair takes no more than ten minutes to do (I wait until it's dry before starting).

And it has never looked better in my life... I am no longer a walking rat's nest of slept on hair.

I have no clue how it works.

True to my nature, I didn't watch the DVD included in the package because I was too antsy to start!

Basically my new girlfriend does the work of a round brush, and a flat iron at the same time...

Except instead of flattening your hair, it combs while it smooths.

Look at me using hair-advertising lingo...

I swear, the good people at InStyler are not paying me for this, but hey, if you're out there... you can!
In literally minutes, this thing rounds my pretty little ends so I don't look like a maniac, non-sleeping Mama.

There are tons upon tons of youtube videos with people proclaiming their love to the InStyler...

If you are in the market for a one stop shop for your hair problems, folks... this is it.

I have waited my whole freaking life to find a tool that actually works and makes sense to hair dummies like myself... and this is it.

For real.

Now if only it could fix my face after those long sleepless nights... I'd be good to go!


 I just re-read this post, and know for sure I sound too over-excited for anyone to believe I was not paid for this.

I promise, total money earned on this good ol' blog of mine is still $0.00

I am just a really excite-able person, who for the first time ever... has nice hair!

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  1. I want to see before and after pics! And your excitement has sold me, tomorrow I'm getting an InStyler!


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