Cold Hard Fun....

There is little in this life that a two year old does not find entertaining and exciting.

Case in point, yesterday we headed outside with a bowl, a shovel and an idea.

Lovebug knew what he had to do; fill the bowl with snow. That's it.

After a few false starts (ie: dumping the snow all over himself) we were in business.

And super excited about it, naturally.

After we had our bowl full o' snow.... we headed inside (again, after a few false starts and a quick tantrum) to put phase two of my idea into affect.

But, before we could begin- I had to microwave the snow because it was hard as a friggin' rock.

Womp, womp.

Once we had soft snow; we pulled out our food coloring, some measuring cups, a spatula, and Lovebug went to work.

He played his cute face off until the snow begin to melt.

He was happy, entertained, and totally engrossed in his project for AN HOUR.

He kept saying, "Mom... call me a scientist."

He never said, "Mom.. do you want to play with my snow bowl and spatula?"

Nope... he was totally content on his own.

Which is BS if you ask me... it was my idea kid, share the snow.

PS... For those of you that have been asking about my chalkboard, or are just nosy, here's what it says this week: food menu (boring).

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