Happy Weekend!

How are you spending your time??

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She Yells

Ladybug screams.

All. Day. Long.

Not like, "I am sad, pick me up."

More like, just yelling for the heck of yelling.

She does this from the second she opens her eyes, until the second she falls asleep.

Her day is one long scream... unless we are in public, then she is Stone Faced McCalm Pants.

Like Husband, she is a little more reserved in public (Lovebug and I will talk to just about anyone).

But while in the chaos that we call home, my tiny Girlfriend... she is not shy.

She's got pipes... and a Volume button that is stuck at, "Loud as a Mother".

I am kind of used to it.

Don't get me wrong, it gets old, but Lovebug has been loud for so long... that adding a screaming Ladybug to the mix doesn't really affect me.

Now Husband on the other hand... ooof.

Husband can not handle the non-stop scream fest.

He has zero, zero, zero patience for the screeching chubby baby.

You probably think I am exaggerating... and I expected that... so go ahead and feast your eyes on our pterodactyl, and then tell me I'm lying.

See. Told ya.

young and restless

Flash Back Friday

Every once in awhile I will walk by this picture on our fridge and think:

"I can't believe I married my prom date."

Which is almost always followed by,

"I can't believe my parent's let me wear that dress!"

It's true, Husband and I went to Prom together.

When I look back at our pictures, it is crazy to me that the guy who chased me my entire senior year... ended up giving me my whole life.

(We look like Babies!)

Sorry, I know that was sappy.

(Feel free to make a gagging noise in my general direction.)

Sometimes being a Stay At Home Mom means you are totally encompassed in all things kids, kids, kids.

It is easy to forget who came first... the chicken or the egg... figuratively speaking.

Husband being the chicken of course, and the Bugs being the egg.

And then Husband will do something great.

Like threaten to start a blog of his own, and call it:

Dumb Shit My Wife Says.

He will tell me it will be a best seller (which makes no sense), and he will laugh as he recaps all the ridiculous numbers I have pulled on him this week alone.

 Before I know it, I will be laughing too.

And I will remember who came first, and why.

Because in our house; ridiculous equals romance.

It's not flowers and love notes, but it works for us.

And if all else fails, I can always try to squeeze myself back into my Prom Dress.

That'd be good for a laugh!


Tweet This

I decided I hate Twitter.

I have no specific reasoning really...

 I just don't really feel like trying to think of something witty to say to a bunch of people who don't even know me, or read my blog anyway.

I much prefer my Facebook page... have you liked it yet??

I update it regularly with Bug one liners, interesting news articles, pictures... fun stuff.

I like the Facebook page because I get really great interaction from my readers: I post, and you post back!

Real live interaction with people that come to Our Tiny Place and have something to say!

I love it!

So... if you had followed me on Twitter, please check out my Facebook page instead!

(End shameless plug)


New Car Seats for Everyone!!

Our kids are big.

Lovebug, at only 2 years old, is a solid 37 pounds, and taller than the average toddler terrorist.

With his thick thighed seester growing like a weed, I knew it would be sooner, rather than later, that I had to switch up our current car seat situation.

Which means, my girlfriend will soon be riding in a convertible car seat, and Lovebug will be entering the big boy world of booster car seats.

After tons of research,  I decided to stick with the Britax for Lovebug's new seat, because I love their high safety rating.... and though they are expensive, a car seat is not something you should skimp on.

I planned to buy the new seat from Diapers.com.

Diapers.com must somehow be related to Zappos.com because they are both the fastest freaking websites in the universe....

 So fast, that I have often wondered if they are either watching me, or have a warehouse in my town.

Anyway, I placed the order for our new Britax Frontier 85 Booster Car Seat at 2 pm on Sunday, and it was on our doorstep by 11 am on Monday.

And not a moment too soon, as I found out yesterday when I took the Dolly to the Doctor.

Girlfriend tipped the scale at 21.7 pounds... making her just ounces shy of the 22 pound weight limit on her carrier!

I swear, she is an explosion of chubby baby goodness, and would eat all the live long day if I'd let her.

After a little installation business from the old Husband man, Lovebug's new seat was ready for a test run.... except we couldn't get him out of the friggin' box to try it out.

Cardboard box = toddler heaven.

When we finally got him out of the box and into the car, he loved it! Especially the cup holders.

(This chair was pricey, at $239.00, but is rated number 1 in safety... whoot whoot!)

I was all, "Oooo.... Lovebug, you fancy..."

And he was all, "No Ma, you fancy."

Now, I am on the hunt for a cute cover for Lovebug's old Britax Marathon, to girl-ify it for the Dolly.

(I love this one!!)

The Pediatrician warned me that kid's get super crazy possessive when they see their younger sibling set up shop in their old seat... and suggested I find a cover for the old chair, so Lovebug wouldn't make the connection.

Weird right?

I was waving my BS flag until a little voice spoke up in the car last night and said,

"Hey Mom... where's my old seat?"

To say that conversation did not end well, is an understatement to say the least.

Picture a blonde haired, blue eyed toddler terrorist having a mental break down... kicking legs, flailing arms, the works.

I'm pretty sure he was screaming, "Noo!!!!!!"

I cant be sure though, because my ears eventually just shut off out of fear for their lives.

I stand corrected Dr. Pediatrician, that is why you do your job... and I just shut the eff up and follow instructions.

So half the car seat situation is handled, and the other half is looking for a car seat cover good enough to hold my baby's booty.

I am unsure, however, if such a thing even exists.

More Gift Giving

A friend of mine asked me if I had any cool ideas for baby shower gifts, after she read my post about the platter I gave this weekend at a Bridal Shower.

As a result, and because I have no life, I haven't stopped thinking about baby shower gifts all day.

Like I don't have ninety fafillion other things I should be obsessing over instead of someone I don't even know's baby shower this coming Sunday.

But that's how I roll...anything to avoid laundry.

Anyway, my first choice would be some sort of personalized art to match the babie's nursery, like the cupcakes or banner hanging in Ladybug's room... but if I had to store shop... what would I buy??

After a lot of thought about what works for our family, I came up with this list:

Number 1, of course, would be Pampers Diapers...in size 4, which seems to be the size kid's get the longest use out of.

I use their Rewards System and get cool things like pictures of the kids and bath toys... fo' free.

And because, hello, diapers are fucking expensive.

Number 2, is a tie, between Sophie the Giraffe and Lovebug's  Light Up Ladybug.

We can not live without these two little peaches in our lives.

Sophie is a teething toy that Ladybug hangs onto for dear life, and the Constellation Ladybug lights up Lovebug's room, and scares away monsters... which is a pretty important job.

Also, I am a big fan of buying for, "later on," not just buying a newborn onesie and calling it a day.

Number 3, would definitely be Baby Cubes, which I use when I make Ladybug's meals.

I boil and puree all the Dollface's food, because it just makes sense with the way we eat and live.

Plus, it saves us a buttload of cash. I think.

I don't actually know for sure because I've never bought packaged baby food.

Anyway, I just plop her little mush into these cube jobbies and call it a day.

I pull them out of the freezer or fridge when it's chow time.

(They work much better than using plain old ice cube trays.)

Number 4, (how much money am I spending on this shower gift, anyway?) would be these closet organizers, and these bi-fold door baby proofing numbers.

They are both great products, but are pretty hard to find in the stores: I found both at One Step Ahead.

Plus, everyone knows nesting Mom's are Organization-Nation crazy.

When I was 9 months pregnant the sight of these two things in a gift bag would have made me burst into happy tears.

Number 5, and my final gift to this clearly spoiled, yet fictional child.... would be these two books.

Someone actually gave me Book 1 when Ladybug was born.

I have to admit, I didn't open it until last month because I was all,

"It has dolphins on it.. it's probably boring."

Mom of the Year, right here, thankyouverymuch.

(Side note: I have since learned this book has more than one cover).

Anyway, one night I opened it, and it is such a sweet book, it is the new Love You Forever for me.

The words are absolutely spot on, and the pictures are stunning... ohandplusalso... it's only 5 bananas at Kohl's (bonus).

"I wanted you more than you will ever know, so I sent love to follow wherever you go."

"Make a big splash! Go out on a limb! My love will find you. My love can swim!"

Am I right?

It does sound slightly stalkerish if you aren't reading it directly to your children....

But if you're not a pyscho, and are simply reading it to your cherubs...

I betcha cant get all the way through without your voice catching just a little teensy tiny bit.

And just in case you were worried that I am going soft...

I'd pair Book 1, with Book 2...

A picture book for adults like me: who aren't afraid of a little four letter word once in awhile.

"The eagles who soar through the sky are at rest
And the creatures who crawl, run, and creep.
I know you’re not thirsty. That’s bullshit. Stop lying.
Lie the fuck down, my darling, and sleep."

Come on now, I don't care who you are... that is funny.

If you are a parent, you have been there.

 Chances are even if you are an Aunt or Uncle, or nanny... you have been there too.

I bet even soft spoken, baby lovin' Michelle Duggar has wanted to tell her darling's to go the eff to sleep every once in awhile.

There you have it... what I would give at a baby shower.

 Now whose going to get knocked up so I can spend Husband's hard earned cash on all this crap??


Gift Giving

Some people are pretty serious about wanting gifts only from their registry, and nothing extra.

Not. One. Tiny. Little. Thing.

Those people hate me.

I think registry's are annoying.

I mean, I get their purpose, but there are so few surprises in life... I like to be different, and so... if you are a, "registry only," person... you probably wouldn't want me at your shower.

I had to really think outside the box for my Best Friend's shower, which you read about yesterday.

Being in a wedding can get pricey, so I was trying to compensate for my less than deep pockets.

I got to thinking, about what things I really loved from my own wedding.

This plate from my sisters, which we used as a guest book... is definitely at the top of my list.

Were you at our wedding? Can you find your name?

We like to look at it and find different people's names, and point out who has gotten married, divorced, or gone to jail since then (you think I'm kidding).

We honestly use this plate like fifty five times a week... okay, maybe a little less than that, but we do love it.

Anyway, my love for this plate, is how my bestie's personalized plate came to be.

See, if you buy one of these personalized guest book plates on line, they are like ninety bananas!


So I did this:

- Came up with fantastic idea.

- Recruited poor college student with amazing art skills to help.

Poor College student then did this:

- Bought huge, enormous, triple the size of my own platter.

- Bought Martha Stewart's All Purpose Paint in wedding colors.

 I then:

- Paid hungry college student to do amazing work.

- Baked plate at 350 degrees for a half hour, so paint stays on for-eeevver (read paint tube for full set of directions).

This gift came out better than I ever could have imagined.

And, since you didn't ask, but I feel like showing you the whole boring plate to amazing platter process.... take a look.

The Bride to Be was so happy with her gift that she said it might never become a guest book after all.

Because really?

Would you want a bajillion names cluttering up this plate??

So yeh... Maybe I am an annoying person to have at your shower because I refuse to just be obedient and buy off the registry....

But come on, you cant tell me that a personalized, one of a kind piece of artwork that matches your wedding invites isn't way better than a freaking blender.

Ohandplusalso... in case you were wondering, no... I didn't wear yoga pants to the Shower.

Lovebug didn't come to the shower, but if he had... this is probably what he would have be wearing!


My Best Friend's Wedding...

Well... not really.

This past weekend was actually one of my best friend's bridal showers (remember when she got engaged?)... but "My Best Friend's Bridal Shower," is kind of a lame title...

Anyway, we celebrated our Bride To Be with a simple and sweet bridal shower at a local restaurant.

My friend is not the, "Sit me in the middle of the room and let me open presents and gush about napkins," type... so we opted for a "Green," shower... with no wrapping paper.

Um, hello... this type of shower is amazing.

Not that I don't love watching someone get super uncomfortable and have to come up with something entertaining and interesting to say about a doormat... but come on, Bridal Showers more often than not... are painful.

This one so wasn't... and I am not just saying that because I am in the wedding!

It was basically just like going out to lunch with your girlfriends, except there were forty of us... we (everyone but me who hates the taste of alcohol) drank, ate, and schmoozed the day away.

I created and ordered the invites through VistaPrint... the yellow flowers set the tone for the rest of the decor.

Everything was kept super simple:

The centerpieces were sunflowers in mason jars, yellow napkins on the table, and a cake that brought in the yellow and the birds from the real wedding invites.

The favors were freaking awesome jars of Sea Salt Scrub, made by one of the bridesmaids... who hand wrote and stamped the flower on each and every jar.

Even the menus were something special.

The day was rounded out with a quiz about the bride (which I failed... my brain is fried), and a cute game that came equipped with faces on Popsicle sticks and a semi-reluctant groom.

DollFace made an appearance at the end of the day and won everyone over with her chubby thighs, and calm demeanor.

She was definitely feeling the three hours without nursing, and wasted no time getting up close and personal with anyone who held her (translation: she was boob head butting all over the place).

At the end of a great afternoon I sat quietly nursing my dolly in the corner of the room (add that to the list of weird ass places I've pulled my boob out)... watching my best friend laugh and squeeze her fiance's hand.

The guests were all getting a little louder, and a little happier by that point; thanks to a stocked bar, and the "old friends," vibe of the whole afternoon.

Amidst all the party-ending chaos, Ladybug and I saw my best friend sneak a quick kiss from her groom... and wouldn't you know it... my little doll squealed and clapped for them... the perfect end to a perfect day.


Currently Obsessing Over...

Here's your disclaimer:

No one is paying me to write this... I am really just this obsessed with this thing.

Look at me calling my new best friend a, "thing"...

How rude of me.

Let me formally introduce you to my girlfriend... The InStyler.

How the frig I lived my whole life without this little number, I will never know.

There is nothing on Earth like my new girlfriend, she is fan-freaking-tastic, amazing, absolutely positively awesome.

I am not going to show you before and after pictures of myself while I use it, because honestly, that is embarrassing.

Just picture me looking like one of Marge Simpson's sisters before, and a super hot smoke show after... or something like that.


Here is where I will begin to sound like an "As Seen On TV, " ad... brace yourselves.

I had never even heard of this thing before chopping my locks a few weeks back.

But as I whined to my hair dresser about how freaking horrible I am at doing my hair, she was all..

"Girlfriend, get the InStyler."

I love that woman.

She was totally right... the InStyler is where it's at.

It was a tad pricey at 100 bananas (you can get it for $80 at Bed, Bath & Beyond by using a 20% off coupon... I was just too excited to wait for one to come in the mail).

Buuut... my hair takes no more than ten minutes to do (I wait until it's dry before starting).

And it has never looked better in my life... I am no longer a walking rat's nest of slept on hair.

I have no clue how it works.

True to my nature, I didn't watch the DVD included in the package because I was too antsy to start!

Basically my new girlfriend does the work of a round brush, and a flat iron at the same time...

Except instead of flattening your hair, it combs while it smooths.

Look at me using hair-advertising lingo...

I swear, the good people at InStyler are not paying me for this, but hey, if you're out there... you can!
In literally minutes, this thing rounds my pretty little ends so I don't look like a maniac, non-sleeping Mama.

There are tons upon tons of youtube videos with people proclaiming their love to the InStyler...

If you are in the market for a one stop shop for your hair problems, folks... this is it.

I have waited my whole freaking life to find a tool that actually works and makes sense to hair dummies like myself... and this is it.

For real.

Now if only it could fix my face after those long sleepless nights... I'd be good to go!


 I just re-read this post, and know for sure I sound too over-excited for anyone to believe I was not paid for this.

I promise, total money earned on this good ol' blog of mine is still $0.00

I am just a really excite-able person, who for the first time ever... has nice hair!


Help Yourself Why Doncha?

Lovebug wakes up from his nap, and I go into his room:

"Mom... can I have a Popsicle?"

"In a few minutes Doll, I have to go get your sister, and then I can get you one."

Lovebug thinks for a minute and then says, "Okay Mom..." before heading downstairs by himself while I grab the little Lady.

A few minutes later, I walk into the kitchen carrying my Girlfriend, and there he is.

Sitting in his chair, leg up, relaxing quietly with a Popsicle in his hand.

Before I could even ask....

"I opened it with my teeth. You were taking too long."

Well then... please, just help yourself.


Wordless Wednesday

There is nothing on Earth like the imagination of a child.

Lovebug's wide open capacity to see things as they are, but different... never ceases to amaze me.

Take this ridiculousness.

You see a boy wearing a backwards bike helmet, holding a resistance band, with a water bottle in his pajama pants.

He sees a fire hat, a safety harness to help people down a ladder, and an oxygen tank on his back.

My little dreamer...

He is teaching me to see the world differently everyday... I am so grateful.



I am so tired and lazy.

Husband has been working and traveling non-stop for weeks.

I have no energy to do anything but sleep after the kids go to bed, which is when I usually have the time to pay attention to this little blog of mine.

Poor poor, neglected blog.

I have a long list (that hurts my brain) of things I need to blog about, but with the kids waking up at 6 am, and the all day go-go-go-ness we've been doing with Sir Swing Set; I am fucking beat at the end of the day.

As in, way too tired to think about logging in and seeing if anyone ventured over to this corner of the Internet today.

I know I should care more, but hello... two year olds are like puppies on crack, and Ladybug eats anything and everything that crosses her path (yesterday it was a leaf), so I have pretty much been "on" non-stop.

Husband travels, I play zoo keeper.

Mama needs a nap.

I'm not complaining; I swear... I love my kids, I love my life.

My babies make my heart sing;

As Lovebug says, "I love you in my life..."

Yeh, that... but not you, them... I mean you too, but mostly them.

I love them  in my life.... but I am fucking tired.

I just need one, itsy, bitsy, teeny, tiny nap... just one. And then I will be back in action.

Until then... and in lieu of something super interesting to read; here is a picture from the Farm the other day:

Tomorrow is another day, and if you come back... there just might be something to read.


No promises.


Happy Sunday!

Tap, tap, tap... is this thing on?

Do people read blogs on Sunday??

I almost never post on the weekend, but at the off chance that you checked in to Our Tiny Place today:

Please go visit Letters To Mo, where my post about Febreze in the Vageen is featured as a guest post!

This is us giving you a virtual hug.. because you're cute, and we're happy you're here.

I know you have probably already read it, but read it again anyway....

Just in case you might be contemplating putting air freshener into your girly bits.

(Reminder: I'm pretty sure that it will burn like a mother effer!)

Thanks for the support!


Who's Next?

The most amazing thing happened.

I got Facebook messages, from two different women, who live in two different states.

That's not the amazing part.

The amazing part is that BOTH women said they read my post about donating my hair, and decided they should do it too!

I have to be honest... when it came to donating my own hair, it was just something I did.. I didn't really think twice about it.

But these two, I am seriously proud of... they inspire me.

They are both (full time) working Moms, who still find ways to be super involved in their son's lives, and look good doing it.

I know.

They obvi put me and my yoga-pants-everyday-of-the-week to shame.

Anyway, when I heard from these two Rock Stars... I did what I always do, and got super duper over excited about it.

I tried to play it cool when I told Husband about it over dinner.

I'm totally lying.

I was going 100 miles an hour, and doing the, "Can you fucking believe this?!" hitting thing that Husband hates.

I probably sounded a little like this:

"Guesswhatguesswhat?! Rachel read my blog! She said I inspired her! She cut her hair! Eleven inches! And Katie!...."

Husband, who we know never listens... was all:

"You just called Rachel, "Katie,"..."

And I was all...

"No No! Katie too! Katie did twelve inches! Can you believe it!? Isn't this amazing!?"

And then Husband says to me:

"OK. Stop talking in exclamation points. Did you say Rachel AND Katie donated their hair?"

 "Yes! Two heads! Two haircuts! My hair will have friends!"

I am still over the moon with excitement.

So much so that I have been thinking for hours about that weird kid in, "Pay It Forward," his little voice, and life changing math problem.

In my brain, my own wig/hair donating math problem looks like this:

You know where this is going don't you??

If Katie and Rachel can each inspire two people to cut their hair, then we will have enough pony tails for one wig!!

Not literally, because our hairs have already been packaged and mailed away to their new lives... but figuratively, we could make a whole wig! 

How is that for keeping the movement moving!

This is big people, big!

So whose in?

Who wants to make a difference in someone else's life??

To you, it's only hair... but to someone else, it is a lifeline.

An identity.


You can do this. Yes, you!

It is only hair.

So... who wants a haircut??



Today my freaking hard drive shit the bed.

Even though, my computer was probably 10 years old, had already been re-furbished once and had lived zillions of miles longer than it should have, I was still sad.

I handled it pretty well considering every picture ever taken of my children was on there.

I didn't even cry (yet).

My tech geek Uncle promised to check out the old girl for me to see if any of my files can be salvaged.

 Picture me keeping my digits crossed and hoping for the best.

If he tells me they are all kaput;  THEN I will cry.

Buckets. Big ones, like the Home Depot kind.

Ughhh.... I am so sad.

 Poor little hard drive.

I called Husband at work and did my best Snooki, "WAhhh!"

He half listened, but as usual, was too busy for my mid-day panic attacks.

So imagine my surprise when he finally came home from work at 9 pm and handed me a brand spanking new computer (thank you tax season).

He was listening! And thoughtful!

I think someone might be feeling guilty about working a lot; leaving me no time to work out, blog, think, shower... zilch (shout out to you single Moms out there: HOW DO YOU DO IT!?).

Or, maybe it's the upcoming trip he is making to Canada for a Bachelor party??

Whatever the reason...

I am only human.

I can be bought.

He is forgiven for whatever he thinks he did wrong.


This Happened (Swing Set Edition)

Remember this sad scene that is our swing set cemetery backyard??

 Ugh.... I hate it.

This project has been plaguing us forever (see other posts here, here, and here).

Don't worry, Dollface doesn't play out here; ever.

It gives me a heart attack when he even gets this close.

But, he is a stubborn little thing, so I let him poke around a bit today... just this once... because I have a secret.

Call me Beyonce, or Miss Independent, or someone else who doesn't A SHIT because yesterday I put on my big girl pants and went out and bought this bad boy... all by myself.

I use the term "bought" loosely.

I walked into a local woodworking store and said, "I want that one... here is my ID, here is my signature."

The saleslady just about foamed at the mouth when she saw me come flying in, Ladybug in tow.

She didn't have to try to sell me anything; I was a sure thing, I was sold.

Having your backyard look like a crack den for an entire year will do that to a woman.

If you're wondering if Husband is going to kill me, don't worry, he wont.

Here's how this all happened:

This past weekend we had tentatively scheduled a date with my cousin to fix the swing set grave yard once and for all (if you're keeping track, that would have been the 4th person to come help Husband with this project).

Well, plans fell through, but Husband was already on the hook with me, so he was all...

"Tell me how to level the yard, and I'll do it".

So, I went on YouTube and found this video about how to make a safe play area for your kids.

Husband took one look at this video and said, "I am never doing that."

So I was all...

"That's fine. But I am going to buy a new swing set. That was not a question."

He paused for just a second.

He was looking at me like I had suggested we do something dirty.

His eyes were shining, he loved the idea.

"YUP. Do it."

So that's how I found myself sitting in a woodworking office, signing papers to finance this beautiful play land.

Here it is again, cause I like it... and cause I don't want you to have to scroll up to see it.
Yes, I said FINANCE.

As in, we now have a 3rd car payment, except it is in the form of a swing set.

Did you know that you could finance a swing set?

Seriously... did you know?

Because this is information that would have been useful LAST YEAR!!

Ohandplusalso... they offer 12 months no interest... score!

Annnd... since I was already wearing my Miss Independent pants, I decided to throw on my Miss Make Me A Deal Beyotch shirt to go with it.

Before heading out to make this big buy, I had called every swing set retailer in the whole state, trying to find the biggest and best DISPLAY MODEL that I could get in our price range.

So, for the same money that I was going to spend on a brand new pretty boring and average model; I instead got a humongous one that was built last April, and sat on display for a year... big whoop right?

Well, that big whoop is coming back to our Bugs in the form of a much bigger and better set than we would otherwise have been able to afford... boo-yah for being stingy right?

Instead of a 2012 set, we are getting a 2011.

That is actually a thing for those in the know with swing sets, they have model years... weird right?

What does all this swing set talk mean for you??

Well, nothing really, unless you're in the market for a set of your own... (or planning on coming over anytime soon).

You see, every single place I called told me that their models were on sale only until the end of the week.

Swing set season officially starts NEXT WEEK...but this week?

This week the sales are on and too good to pass up.

And... Lowe's told me that in two weeks they will be offering FREE installation on their swing sets, which could end up saving you between $300 and $500 depending on how big a set you buy.

I am just full of useless swing set knowledge, right??

I am so excited for it to be delivered, leveled, and installed next week: by someone other than Husband!

I cant freaking WAIT to have a safe play area IN OUR BACKYARD!

No more going to the park EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

Now I can park myself in the yard! Yes!

I suggested we tell Lovebug that it's from the Easter Bunny, so we don't have to buy him anything for Easter.

Husband vetoed that idea with the quickness.

He was all,

"If the Easter Bunny wants to make the payments on the swings, then it can be from him..."

Point taken: From Beyonce Mommy and Daddy it is!


How Is It Possible??

That my two year old is almost as big as me??

And wears almost the same size shoes as me??

I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say this is not normal.

Blame it on me being a smaller than average Mom, or Lovebug being a larger than average toddler; but it sure looks like we are catching up to each other.

At this rate, he will be bigger than me by first grade!

Ohandplusalso... Look at Dollface with the doe eyes giving Skinny Sis a workout at the Reservoir.

 The feety pajamas, the fatso wrist-hand combo, the why-the-Hell-am-I-not-flattened-to-my-Mom's-boob look... I die.

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