To Answer Your Questions....

Yes. I am alive.

No. I am not on vacation.

Yes. Everything is okay.

No. No one is sick, and I am not hiding from the world since I got my haircut.

I love and appreciate all of the calls, comments, and emails I have received wondering why I haven't blogged lately.

And the answer?

It's all Husband's fault. (Isn't it always??)

He has had a few random days off, and I just don't want to blog when he is home.

I'd rather spend time with my family instead... that's what it's all about right?

Don't worry, I will be back tomorrow with a long post, and again on Thursday and Friday, with my usual mindless nonsense that no one is interested in.

Except maybe you, my wonderful readers, who apparently don't give a shit what I write about... as long as I give you something to waste a few minutes of your work day on.

Thanks for checking in... I am a lucky girl.

1 comment :

  1. You know I love reading whatever shit you have going on... work always comes second :)


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