The Morning, Part 2

Warning: We are not cute in the morning.

At 7 am Girlfriend wakes for real.

I can hear her babbling and playing in the room next door.

I always ask Husband to get her, "just this once..."

He will usually do it for me (because he knows I will whine until he does, and it's easier to just do it the first time and shut me up)... he's good like that.

As soon as she sees me she laughs;  the girl thinks I am hysterical I tell you.

The two of us nurse and play in bed while Husband sleeps.

Ladybug gets progressively louder the more we play, but it takes a lot to wake Husband... he is used to our crazy antics.

Before long I hear Lovebug's door open down the hall.

"Hey, it's me (insert first, middle, and last name here)! Get me out of here! I'm awake! I want to snuggle!"

Husband gets up because he knows Lovebug wont stop talking until the very second that we open his gate.

Once freed, Lovebug pushes Husband out of the way and races into our room (usually with some random super hero in tow), climbs up onto our bed, and hops in.

"I'm ready for snuggles!"

It's hard to see, but Buzz Light Year is in this picture too.

The Bugs and I play, and Husband passes out again.

Since Ladybug is in an, "I cant control my arms or legs," phase, she more often than not, "hits," Lovebug by accident;

So there is a lot of disciplining going on in our bed in the morning... from Lovebug to Ladybug mind you.

"That is NOT NICE!"

He always says this by pointing his finger directly in her face, which she thinks is hysterical.

Before long Husband is up for good, for real... because honestly, who can sleep when there are kids screaming and bouncing on your head.

Lovebug is always good for a nugget of nonsense about this time of day, and this morning he did not disappoint.

He asked us if his sister was going to suck on my eyeballs, and if she was then going to suck on his own eyeballs.

We were totally confused until we realized he was pointing at his nipples.

Nipples = eyeballs for a two year old.

Husband and I laughed our heads off about this while the kids "played," together:

Lovebug throwing his body from one side of the bed to the other, while Ladybug squeals uncontrollably and eggs him on.

Like anything else with kids, some days are better than others...

Sometimes Lovebug comes in and is quickly escorted back to his room for a "Time Out," if he yells, or throws things in our general direction.

Ladybug is usually (read: always) ripping farts, while Lovebug sometimes prefers me to snuggle with him exclusively, and begs me to ban my Girlfriend to her crib.

But if the sun is up, and everyone is behaving, you can find our whole Bug crew playing in bed together in the wee hours of the morning before Husband goes to work.

And the days that go well, the days that everyone gets enough attention, and enough snuggles...

Those are the days that the laughter sings up to the rafters, and the memories are made.

Though this whole charade takes less than a half hour from start to finish... more often than not, these are the very, very best minutes of my entire day.

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