I Let My Kid Get In A Mall Cart...

(I am so ashamed.)

Today we took the Bugs on a day trip to spend some time with Husband's Dad.

Unfortunately, Lovebug caught sight of those disgusting push cart things that every kid under the sun has sat, snotted, and shit in... and of course, had to have one for himself.

Ugh... my skin crawls looking at these pictures.

I mean, he is happy... like over the moon excited about this cart, but God those things are freaking nasty.

Do you think they have ever been cleaned? Ever?!

Ohandplusalso... look at the warning label on the back:

I take no responsibility for the nastiness that is this cart. It was like this when we got it.

What the Hell?

To think we actually paid money to put our kid in that germ mobile.

We are so white trash.


This is what Lovebug did the second we walked through the door.

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  1. Oh I have done it too. Once because we forgot our stroller and then another time when Aubs was kicking and screaming for one. The best I could do was wipe down the steering wheel and hope for the best. I think I was also the only person at the mall over the age of 20 who put their kid in one.


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