Sick & Crafty

Lovebug has been nursing a pretty bad cold for over a week.

Despite the legit booger mask he has been sporting, he swears he feels fine.

The amount of lounging and movie watching he has been doing tell a different story though.

So, I decided it was about time to get his cute keester off the couch, and what better way than with an easy craft.

The bonus? This has been on my "To Do Before The End of Time" list forever.

For Christmas we used this recipe to make ornaments for all of the Bug's grandparents, and of course, ourselves.

I loved that the recipe called for things that everyone has on hand, but didn't love the texture of the dough, as you can see, it's kind of gritty and crappy looking.

Long story short, all the Grandbugs got Lovebug's ornaments up and on their trees.

You realize I didn't say Ladybug's ornaments, because the princess' little hands and feet were not strong enough to make a dent in these super thick dough.

Hence scratching something off the "To-Do List."

Yup, with the hustle and bustle of the holidays, Ladybug's ornaments never got made... (hanging head in shame).

So, this weekend, I broke out the recipe, and cut that ish in half... which for whatever reason, made all the difference.

The texture was perfect and totally smooth.


(Spoiler alert for the grandparents reading: here they finally are!)

And, because Lovebug loves painting, I gave him the left over dough and he made this masterpiece; which will hang on his wall... per his suggestion.

Anyway, we are off to the doctor with a snotty nosed Lovebug, and a Ladybug who has been doing the ol' ear grab (please, please don't be an ear infection).... think healthy thoughts!

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  1. So cute - I may have to try these out too!


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