Say What??

Remember when I wrote this post... airing out our disgusting-dirty-counter-top-laundry, and my stupidity along with it??

I figured that I have little to no shame anyway, so why not show the world just how bad I am with a can of spray paint... right?

Well, I knew a lot of you liked that post, and had a good laugh, but I never expected to hear from the Producer of a radio show... that wants to interview me about my DIY disaster AND this little blog o' mine.

Oh yeh, and it's LIVE. 

As in, no f'ing up for me!

I would love for you all to tune in this Wednesday, at 12:40 EST to here (where you can watch the DJ, but not me) or here, and listen to me potentially make a fool of myself... all in the name of blogging, and DIY.

I appreciate your support!

And please, expect me to say something dumb, that way, when I do... no one will be surprised.

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  1. You go Mama!!! That is so awesome that you are ring interview. I will def have to tune in and cheer you on! :)


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