More Resolutions... You Can Help

Like everyone else on Earth... I am embracing the chance to start fresh for the New Year, because... why the Hell not right??

What am I hoping to achieve in 2012??

Well, I decided to be selfish with my Resolutions this year.

Let's be honest, if you read my blog, you know my world revolves around the Bugs and not myself... and if you saw this post from yesterday, you know it's time for me to get some damn highlights and maybe throw some self tanner on...

So, Resolution #1 is to look out for me, who used to be #1, and is now somewhere in the #4 range... after the babies, the Husband, and the cat (sometimes I am ahead of the cat).

I need to make some priority time for me, so I can continue to do for them.

So, call me selfish, but this year I am going to take some time everyday for myself... imagine that??

Time. for. just. me.

Even if it means locking the door to the bathroom so I can pee in peace (by "peace" I mean with a child or animal pounding on the door howling for me to let them in... but they won't actually be "in", thus creating "peace").

I'm trying to get my post pregnancy self esteem up, up, up... so I can come out from behind the camera this year.

Stay tuned for more tired looking Mommy shots... (please, hold your applause). 

Resolution #2...Broaden my palate and try more vegetables.

It sounds silly but when I walk through the produce section I honestly don't know what a lot of that shit tastes like... I gotta grow up and eat more veggies.

Resolution #3... Watch my effing mouth. I'm working on it.

Resolution #4... Make my blog a priority.

I am sad when I cant blog for days on end.

I need to make the time, find it somewhere, so I can attack this blog on the daily, and keep learning new things....

Things like the gif picture movie I made up above.

Not gonna lie, I feel like the MAN for making that bidness.

My year long goal for this blog is a big one.

I want to hit 250 followers and 500 hits a day.


Maybe, but if I dream big things for my blog, I will do big things for my blog...simple as that.

Now here is where you come in.

I gotta know... why are you here??

What do you like? What do you hate?

Please, use the comment section below to answer... I'd love to hear from you!

Tell me what you'd like to see more or less of for 2012.

Seriously folks, now is your chance...

Speak up... or forever hold your peace (which hopefully does not involve kid's banging on the bathroom door).


  1. I love all of these sooo much!!

  2. I seriously read this all the time! My sisterr loves it and even refers to it when we talk on the phone everyday it cracks me up! Keep it up! :) - Kat knowles

  3. I love reading your blog because it makes me laugh, cry and gasp all in one post. It is real and I can relate to it being the mother of a 10 month old baby! It makes me feel like I am not alone. I love hearing about the traditions that you have continued on from your childhood i.e. balloons in the bedroom for the kids' birthday. Nice work! :o)


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