Great Gifts

After 10 years together (this past Sunday!), Husband and I finally got the whole gift giving thing right this year.

We hit the nail smack dab on the head this Christmas... and I couldn't help but share.

First up: This beauty I had painted for Husband.

Now, in case you read the sentence above as I painted this painting... that is definitely not the case.

I actually hired my friend who painted these great cupcake pictures in Ladybug's room, to paint this NY Jets shrine.

It is on a piece of super thin flexible wood that measures around 5 foot by 4 foot... or something in that range... math was never my strong suit.

I toyed around with the idea of ordering a fathead, but decided that when we eventually move from this house, I didn't want the hassle of pulling a giant sticker off the wall, storing it, moving it, and then hoping it'd look good when we re-applied it.

So... wood won.

Plus, Home Depot sells NFL paint. 

Boo-yah...  authentic J-E-T-S green.

The wood looks amazing and we love that it is hand painted by one of our most favorite and talented friends.

Seriously folks, take another look: that. is. talent.

Okay, onto my gift.

Pay attention blogging friends because you are about to be jealous as Hell.

I got my blog. In a book.

All 400 pages of our family history is now at our fingertips anytime we want.

This book is why I started blogging... to save the memories.

One day my friend said to me:

"What about when the Internet explodes? Do you have your blog saved somewhere?"

Well of course I didn't, who has the time or space on their hard drive to copy all of their blog posts??

Not me.

But Husband found this great website, which he said made the entire process super easy... as in, type in the web address, pick a cover, and pay.

Maybe too easy??

We have been having fun flipping through the pages and looking at how our home has changed and how Lovebug and Ladybug have grown...

Now we are super duper prepared for that whole Internet exploding thing.

And for as long as I keep blogging, Husband will know just what to get me for Christmas.


  1. lucky!! I've always wanted to do that!! after blogging for 5 years, it would be as big as a set of encyclopedias!! Enjoy!

  2. My husband and I have starting dating 10 years ago Saturday! We have so many weird coincidence that it is freaky. Oh and that book is awesome. I may have to look into that.

  3. umm super jealous doesn't even begin to describe it!!! thats AMAZING!!!!! Go A!! And nice work on that JETS thing... I am sure Paul would go nuts over something like that. Might have to call up your friend :)
    Nice work you guys!


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