Mother of the Year

Remember when I posted this sign on my chalkboard... and told the world that I am once and for all giving up Diet Pepsi??

Well...it is freakin' hard.

If I close my eyes, I can almost hear the fizzing of the bubbles when it is poured from the can (never a bottle) over a glass of ice.

Uggghhh... I die.

I looove Diet Pepsi, especially with pizza.

You know who else loves it?

My mother, and my sisters.

Those little bitches are loving drinking the cold and bubbly brown stuff right in front of me, and laughing as I squirm (that's family for ya).

Last week I had lunch at my parent's house... while they all drank the good stuff, I drank watered down Crystal Light (not bad, but not my crack).

Long story short, I basically over did it on the Crystal Light, and found myself needing to pee my friggin' face off just 20 minutes into our 60 minute ride home.

You know, I've been potty trained for like twenty six years or something ridiculous like that, you'd think I would be able to hold it by now.

I tried singing, opening the windows, changing my position in the car.... it didn't matter, my bladder was a water balloon inside me threatening to burst at any second.

I got about 25 minutes from home and said screw it and pulled off a random Exit, opened both doors on the passenger side of the car and popped a squat on the side of the road.

Lovebug was in the back seat doing his usual two-year-old-panic-attack, ninety-seven-questions -in-five-seconds thing:

"Mom! Mom! What are you doing! Are you hiding on the ground? Are you goin' pee Mom? What's that noise? Is the policeman gonna be mad? Mom! Mom! Are you done? Are you going to wipe? Whose honking? Mom!"

I of course, can not concentrate on peeing with all that racket and am squatting there bare assed with a serious case of stage fright.

When I can finally get it out, I try so hard not to pee on my pink converse that I instead, get it all the way down my leg... awesome.

Ten minutes later, me and my wet leg are driving down the highway... only 15 miles from home when Lovebug says:

"Mom... I gotta go pee."

And then, with just two little words, I became Mother of the Year:

"Hold it."


What I Didn't Tell You....

You know that Husband and I went to see the Queen of Mean, Lisa Lampinelli last weekend.

I told you she was hysterical and we had a great time, I came home and ate nineteen fafillion cookies... but what I didn't tell you, was that I missed the shit out of the Bugs.

People definitely judge me for my attachment to our kids.

They think it's weird that I don't have a regular babysitter, or go out with Husband one night a week.

Crazy as it sounds, Husband and I like to be with our kids, and because we implement strict bedtimes, we still get one on one time with each other.

It's not for everyone, but it works for us, and everyone is happy.

Try as I might, no matter how dirty Miz Lampinelli got... I couldn't stop checking my phone, looking at the time, and tapping my friggin' foot.

We were gone two and a half hours, and to me, it felt like an eternity.

I was so anxious to get home to them that I was even embarrassed to tell Husband.

Pretty sure he knew anyway.

I think the whole sprinting to the car when the show ended thing gave me away.

Don't get me wrong, I like my solo trips to Target, and the hour I get to myself in the gym.

They are not sugar plum fairy children, but I like to be near them as much as possible.

They're funny kids, and I am not even sure why I feel like I need to defend wanting to be around them... but I do.

I literally felt foolish for missing them so much at the show.

Husband and I must have been A+ students and war heroes in our former lives to deserve such amazing, sweet babies... we are so lucky, and so blessed.

So what if I miss the Bugs when I go to the store, the bank, the mailbox....

It's their fault anyway.

They did this. They put me at the top of their totem pole of coolness.

When I walk through our front door after running errands, you would think I had been gone for a month, not an hour.

There is nothing in the world like hearing excitement in your child's voice, just because they see your face.

So, what I didn't tell you... is that I am super freaky nutso obsessed with my kids and hate being away from them for long periods of time.

It could be worse.

(Sidenote: someone remind me of this post the next time Lovebug colors on the walls, kthanksbye).


Kids Say The Darndest Things

We are headed to see my parents, Hunny & Pop-Pop, in my hometown.

I get off the Exit, and am immediately cut off.


A minute later I am stuck behind a car with a never ending blinker / brake light combo... with no turn in sight.

I am aggravated.

"Hunny's town is full of idiots!"

I mutter to myself.

Except, funny thing:

There is no "self" after you have a child... especially when your child is two years old, a parrot, or both in my case.

Without missing a beat, I hear a little voice from the backseat, "Hunny's town is full of idiots!"

I laugh in spite of myself.

I could have said the town was full of shit-heads, but I didn't:

I said it was full of idiots; so it is funny and okay that my two year old is repeating it... kind of, just this once.

Shut up, don't judge me.

We get to Hunny's and I can't help myself, I want Lovebug to tell her what her town is full of.

Like any mother would, I egg him on.

"Lovebug, tell Hunny about her town...."

He looks back and forth from me to Hunny, unsure if he should answer.

"It's okay Lovebug, go ahead: Hunny your town........"

Lovebug jumps out of his seat, throws his arms in the air, and yells with pride, "SUCKS!"

I am shocked... surprised that he knows this word, that he used it correctly in a sentence (yikes), and that he was so proud to do it.

Along with everyone else in the room, I am laughing.

Don't worry.

I am also hanging my head in sham... right into the sink, where I am washing my mouth out with soap.


Cheat Eating

I had a "Come to Jesus," moment a few days before the New Year began.

I'm not even really sure what a "Come to Jesus," moment is; but if it means you finally saw the friggin' light and wanted to slap yourself across the face after seeing it... that's what I had.

No one can lie better to you, than yourself... but pant sizes tell the truth!

And mine were busting their seams.

I used to be a runner... not a good one, but someone that ran regularly, so... a runner.

I was really missing the silence and quiet time in my head that I  used to get from running (I currently CrossFit, which gives you more of an, "Is my brain exploding!??!" feeling).

So I hopped on our treadmill, and happened to glance over at the mirror next to it (I would bet 99.9% of CrossFit gyms in the world do not have mirrors in them).

In that mirror was a white, blonde, bowl full of jelly... running to nowhere; jiggle, jiggle, jiggle...

I could hear the cellulite shaking.

I threw up in my mouth a little bit when I realized the owner of all that jiggle was me.

I have always been pretty hard on myself, but this time I am for real... all that jiggle was not pretty.

The saddest part of that run was that it was super easy for me.

I banged out the miles no problem.

Which told me that I was in shape, but a really shitty one.

Like a pear-circle-mammoth-breast-feeding-boobs combo shape... and it was probably (definitely) all my fault.

One too many pieces of every kind of pie at Christmas did me in.

So, I cut the crap, literally... and got real with myself.

Meats, fruits, veggies, nuts.. six days a week.

My body started to change pretty quickly, which tells me it didn't want or need all that crap anyway....

Except one day a week... I gotta do it, and I do.

That 7th day of the week, I eat whatever I want, because I can, I will, and no matter what anyone says... I should.

I know myself.

If I don't have a cheat day, you will find me sitting in a freezer at BJ's with half a package of frozen cookie dough in my lap, and the other half down my throat.

I would sleep there if I had to (that's why they make snowsuits... for freezer sleeping, duh), but damn it, I would finish that box.

That's just how I roll... I love me some raw eggs and butter.

Last week I ate perfect down to the last crumb everyday.

I ate so freaking good, I felt like my skin was glowing like an alien... it is not normal to eat so well.

The better I eat, the less I want to cheat lately..... until last Saturday night.

Our babysitter made cookies... and I swear to God I just wanted to sit on the coffee table and tip that plate into my mouth like cookie monster.

I did not give a shit who was watching, or counting how many I had eaten... (if you can count to "allofthem," that's how many I ate).

Which brings me to the sign I wrote for myself the very next day, on the 5 x 5 chalkboard we have in our kitchen.

(Luckily, Lovebug cant read, or he would definitely be dropping, "dog shit," in conversation like the best of them.)

Being a Mom means remembering 9 billion things... so, this big giant sign in my kitchen is my cue to remember something for myself.

Falling off the wagon hardcore sucked, my body ached and hated me for a full day.

I felt guilty and tasted butter in my veins (it's a thing).

Next time this wagon is going for a detour, not a whole new route... a little bump in the road, a quick cookie, one and done... that's the new plan anyway.

Everything in moderation folks... even especially cookies.

young and restless


You're My Kids & I'll...

... Dress you in stupid clothes that don't fit if I want to.

Night Out

Husband and I had our second night out sans kids in 5 months this past weekend.

I know.

That's a lot of frickin' family time.

My sweet sister took us to see Lisa Lampinelli as a surprise, bonus, just-because-I-like-you Christmas gift.

She's awesome.

But... if you read the above sentence correctly, that means sister was there too, plus her best friend.

Which means, still no official night out alone since having Ladybug (first night out was a wedding).

I of course, am not being ungrateful, just saying... a date night has to be hidden in the future somewhere, right??


Okay, enough begging, back to the point.

We saw Lisa Lampinelli, which is about as un-romantic as it gets, so it was the perfect thing to do with friends.

If you are unfamiliar with Miz Lampinelli, let me tell you, she is as dirty, raunchy, and hysterical as they get.

You know those people that say something and you're like... oh em gee who says that?!

She does.

Seriously, I died laughing... my sides still hurt. I cried.

It was amazing, she is the best.

If you get the least bit offended at basically anything on Earth, she is not for you... just don't even buy the tickets.

But if you're like me, and will laugh at damn near anything... you've got to check her out.

Follow her on Twitter, because girlfriend lays it on people ALL THE TIME via the power of tweets... and she doesn't disappoint... it's hysterical every damn time.

Miz Lampinelli is a tell-it-like-it-is kinda gal who happens to be from my hometown (all readers I know from High School just went... "She is?")... so her sense of humor felt super authentic and kinda close to home for me.

Yup, I grew up in a town full of funny people... ball busting is in the water.

Successful night out... check.

Next up.... a one on one date night with the man I married: in which I will transform from Mouse-Wife to Mom-Shell.

Or something like that.


You're My Kid & I'll

...Smell your head if I want to.

Sick & Crafty

Lovebug has been nursing a pretty bad cold for over a week.

Despite the legit booger mask he has been sporting, he swears he feels fine.

The amount of lounging and movie watching he has been doing tell a different story though.

So, I decided it was about time to get his cute keester off the couch, and what better way than with an easy craft.

The bonus? This has been on my "To Do Before The End of Time" list forever.

For Christmas we used this recipe to make ornaments for all of the Bug's grandparents, and of course, ourselves.

I loved that the recipe called for things that everyone has on hand, but didn't love the texture of the dough, as you can see, it's kind of gritty and crappy looking.

Long story short, all the Grandbugs got Lovebug's ornaments up and on their trees.

You realize I didn't say Ladybug's ornaments, because the princess' little hands and feet were not strong enough to make a dent in these super thick dough.

Hence scratching something off the "To-Do List."

Yup, with the hustle and bustle of the holidays, Ladybug's ornaments never got made... (hanging head in shame).

So, this weekend, I broke out the recipe, and cut that ish in half... which for whatever reason, made all the difference.

The texture was perfect and totally smooth.


(Spoiler alert for the grandparents reading: here they finally are!)

And, because Lovebug loves painting, I gave him the left over dough and he made this masterpiece; which will hang on his wall... per his suggestion.

Anyway, we are off to the doctor with a snotty nosed Lovebug, and a Ladybug who has been doing the ol' ear grab (please, please don't be an ear infection).... think healthy thoughts!


5 Months...

I cant even take it! Where does the time go!

I swear I JUST wrote a post about Ladybug turning 4 months, and then she goes and turns 5 months on me when I wasn't even looking...

Come On!

I have to admit, the older she gets, the more fun she is...

She is still doing her super loud screaming her face off thing.

I still think it's cute, Husband is over it.

He's ready for ANYONE in our house to play the silent game... or even, lower the volume just a little bit.

I keep telling him that's just not how we roll.

Speaking of roll... Ladybug does this double foot grab, roll around on the floor number all day long.

She is now on her own pretty little schedule, sleep trained, and loving life.

Still no solids for Ladybug yet, per the recommendation of our Pediatrician; who suggested exclusively breastfed babies should stay that way until 6 months if possible.

It doesn't bother me, so we wait.

She is super, duper into eating her feet though.

Her hair is still just a little fuzzy mop that looks more like static electricity got the best of her, than anything else.

Ladybug's cheeks just keep getting bigger, and bigger... it is insane how chunky this little monkey is.

Fun fact: stick your thumb and pointer finger into your mouth and pinch your cheek.. the distance is probably, oh, a quarter of an inch.

Now, if you pinch Ladybug's... no lie... it is easily an inch, probably more.

Those cheeks are SOLID.

They feel like a butt!

Cheeks have been the main attraction for awhile, but her thighs are slowly stealing the show.

She is already in 6 months clothes because of those chunkers.

She is also officially Lovebug's little sidekick.

He jumps, she laughs. He coughs, she laughs. He eats, she laughs.

The girl loves her brother.

She is more of a snuggle bug than ever these days, and immediately wraps her little arms around us when we pick her up.

She is the same calm, content little Bug that she has been from the day she was born... with the same foul smelling-can-clear-the-room farts.

She doesn't fuss, or care much about her forever drooly mouth and teething-ness.

She's just happy to be around anyone really... just a chill, content little soul.

We could all learn a thing or two from this little girl... am I right?


Wordless Wednesday

This makes my heart... sing.

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Good Boy & The Chipmunks

Lovebug now has a "Good Boy Cup"... which we add little ornaments into when he is a "good boy".

When the cup is full, he gets a reward.

Simple enough right?


He definitely didn't understand it at first.

I was all, "Okay, as soon as you fill your cup you get a prize!"

And he's all, "Okay Mom, let's go fill it!"

Hmmm... not exactly how I saw that going.

Anyway, today Lovebug cashed in on his full cup at his first ever trip to the movies.

For the record, a trip to the movies with a 2 1/2 year old and a 5 month old intimidated the Hell out of me, and I begged my sister to come with us (translation: I made her).

Honestly, I couldn't have done it without her.

Both Bugs were mesmerized for the first half hour... and then Lovebug took off running through the empty theatre.

He of course, headed straight for the front row, where he craned his neck and gawked his face off at the Chipmunks.

Lovebug also stuffed his face with popcorn, almost to the point where I was like... hmmm.. "is he going to barf today? Probably".

The day overall was a huge success. I tried not to say, "No," too much, and really let Lovebug bask in his "reward".

He already has his next prize for the "Good Boy" cup lined up in his head, and is slowly starting to understand the concept a little better.

Too bad I cant say the same for his whole, "I want to go to Disney World," argument.

I say, "When you're five."

He says, "I'm five!"

As long as he understands the cheaper of the two concepts, we're okay... right?

Sleep Training

Ladybug is officially, maybe, probably, sleep trained.

(Three days in a row makes it official, right?)


Picture me doing an, "I'm the Mommy, and you are the Baby," dance all around the house.

Most of you probably think I am a nut right now, but you'll keep reading anyway because you are avoiding doing laundry.... until, I say... this:

We let her cry it out.

And the crowd goes... silent.


For whatever reason, people don't like to talk about sleep training kids, but seriously people, babies need their sleep too!

"Cry It Out," is a sleep method where you let the babies learn to self soothe... or, cry it out... duh.

Training Ladybug to sleep was a fafillion times easier than training Lovebug... because for starters, I did it 5 months earlier.

Yes, I let my first child sleep in my lap, in my arms, laying next to me on the couch, on the bed, on the floor... for the first 10 months of his life.... that's kinda abusing the privilege of being a stay at home mom, don't you think?

So... when it finally came time to sleep train the little Bugger, on my 27th birthday nonetheless... it was terrible, I couldn't bear it, it honestly broke my heart.

It took 3 days, and because he was 10 months old; he could stand up in his crib, grab the video monitor in his hands, and scream his frickin' head off directly into the camera.

The little shit knew I was watching and dying on the other end, I just know it.

Smart kid, right??

Husband handed me an ice cream cake with my name on it, locked me outside on our deck and basically said... "Do not come in this house until you finish that cake".

I thought this was a perfect plan...  until I realized I could hear Lovebug screaming from OUTSIDE THE HOUSE... gahhh, it was terrible.

If I'm being honest, the kid probably never cried for more than 15 minutes max... but I just couldn't handle it.

This time around, I have to admit... it was not even really like doing "Cry It Out", at least, not in the same capacity as my first experience had been.

For starters, I pushed back all of her naps, by an hour... so by the time I started putting her down, she was already so tired there was no fight left in her.

She was just a sleepy lump of baby fat by then, she went "wahh..." and passed out.

I also employed the help of this little Sleep Sheep guy (a gift from Grandpa), and button number 3, which sounds like the ocean (never button number 4, which sounds like whales mating... yikes) ... it nearly knocks me out when I turn it on for her.

A white noise machine disguised as a Sleep Sheep is 100% necessary when sleep training a baby with a toddler in the house... because in reality, I am sleep training them both.

Child A to sleep once she is put into her crib.

Child B to shut the frig up when I Child A into her crib.

A very difficult concept for a toddler whose mouth is open 24/7.

The first day we hunkered down in Lovebug's room reading books.

I honestly expected a full half hour or more of screaming, but she passed out before we got through the first book!

By day 2... Ladybug  was not crying at all, but blabbering away and playing with her feet until she fell asleep (in less than 5 minutes time)... day 3 and she is a sleep professional.

She did amazing with "Cry It Out", and never cried for more than 3 minutes... probably because she is young and is too lazy to scream for any longer than that.

I also let her sleep on a shirt I have been wearing all day, which she happily nuzzles her cute little chubby face into while she dozes.

Anyway, I am sad to see Ladybug's lap-naps go, but I know in my head and heart, no matter how sad it makes me to not have her sleeping with me all day long... this is best for everyone.

I can REMEMBER the relief I had with Lovebug... instantly... when he started sleeping on his own.

And last night, when I put Ladybug to bed and then just walked away and went to do laundry in peace, I remembered again, how important it is to have time and space to yourself, everyday, if only for a little while...

I know, I know... I should practice what I preach... I'm goin'!


Just Your Average Monday Guilt Trip For Daddy

Damn you used swing set with no instructions and not enough pieces.

Damn you for still looking like this... eight months after we started you.

I hate you and your multiplying swing set self.

But I have hope, that one day, maybe in 2012...

we will build you, stupid second hand swing set... and you will be epic.

Until then, I still hate you.

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Happy Monday!

If your corner of the world is like our corner of the world... school is probably out for Mart Luther King Jr. Day... yay!

A "Daddy is Home!" Day!!

Since Husband works a ton, him being home during the week is a big treat for the Bugs, and we almost made an amateur mistake... again... out of sheer excitement for having Daddy around.

We ALMOST went to a place full of moon bounces, which Lovebug loves.

It is actually really clean and they do a great job for the kids, but going there during school vacation would be a dumb move... and one we have already made once.

A few weeks back we road tripped it to Boston to hit up the Boston Children's Museum... during Christmas vacation.

Dumb, dumb, dumb.

One of the dumbest things we have done since becoming parents.

Every family on the East Coast was there, and they all brought screaming children with snotty noses.

The second we walked in the door, I wanted to turn around and drive home.

I had a, "This is my nightmare!" moment. (Link is not safe for work).

Lovebug, of course, loved the shit out of that place.

It was actually amazing for kids, but I think he was too young for it.

You can see in this video... he was probably the smallest child in the building that day.

He took a beating on this dance floor (sorry, no videos of the kids knocking him all over the place).


Every single exhibit knocked Lovebug's socks off.

The concept behind each was pretty simple.

There was a construction room with hard hats, reflective vests, and real construction vehicles for the kid's to climb in.

There was a super market where the kids could use their own baskets and go "shopping", a lazy river with kitchen utensils to play in, and a giant sand box.

Pretty much things we could do at home, but on a much larger scale.

We will wait until Lovebug is older before making a trip like this again. 

He didn't understand the concept of walking from exhibit to exhibit and had a mental f'ing breakdown every time we so cruely pulled him away from one awesome thing, only to plop him down at another.
There is no denying it, Lovebug absolutely died and went to Heaven at this place.

And when we got in the car to drive home, so did I.

I'm not usually such a grump about things, but this day, is one I will never forget...

...The long drive with two screaming kids, the temper tantrum plus beating me on the head in A CLOSED ELEVATOR FULL OF PEOPLE, the traffic on the way home...

I'm always happy to see a smile on my child's face... but never again during school vacation, with every other child on Earth.

From this point on, there will be no smiling outside of the house during school vacation!

And that's final.

Dear God... I'm becoming my mother.


Will Power Wednesday

How I miss you yummy sauce... let me count the ways.


Say What??

Remember when I wrote this post... airing out our disgusting-dirty-counter-top-laundry, and my stupidity along with it??

I figured that I have little to no shame anyway, so why not show the world just how bad I am with a can of spray paint... right?

Well, I knew a lot of you liked that post, and had a good laugh, but I never expected to hear from the Producer of a radio show... that wants to interview me about my DIY disaster AND this little blog o' mine.

Oh yeh, and it's LIVE. 

As in, no f'ing up for me!

I would love for you all to tune in this Wednesday, at 12:40 EST to here (where you can watch the DJ, but not me) or here, and listen to me potentially make a fool of myself... all in the name of blogging, and DIY.

I appreciate your support!

And please, expect me to say something dumb, that way, when I do... no one will be surprised.

The Weekend

It was stunning here in the North East this weekend... just beautiful.

We took the kiddos to the skate park, the lake and the reservoir, and ran Lovebug's little booty off trying to tire him out (he is a puppy in disguise I tell ya).

I chased Lovebug alll the way from the car, to the waterfall, and back... which is probably around a quarter mile each way... that kid can RUN!

He of course... loved it and kept yelling at me to run faster, ("Don't give up Mom!!")!

He has been spending too much time at the Gym, I think.

He did stop a few times to take some pictures, pick up sticks, and of course, introduce himself as Captain Co-Merica...

To every. single. person. we. passed.

I die every time he says it.

"I'm Captain Co-Merica!!"

I hope he never gets it right!

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Lovebug is playing quietly by himself upstairs:
Me: "What are you doing up there; coloring?" 
 Lovebug: "No, I'm not coloring. I'm throwing pencils at the cat."
Least he's honest.


Parenting Fail

The Loveklepto strikes again.

I found this in the bottom of the car-cart, when I pulled him out to put him in his car seat today.

At least take something I'll read, shit.


More Resolutions... You Can Help

Like everyone else on Earth... I am embracing the chance to start fresh for the New Year, because... why the Hell not right??

What am I hoping to achieve in 2012??

Well, I decided to be selfish with my Resolutions this year.

Let's be honest, if you read my blog, you know my world revolves around the Bugs and not myself... and if you saw this post from yesterday, you know it's time for me to get some damn highlights and maybe throw some self tanner on...

So, Resolution #1 is to look out for me, who used to be #1, and is now somewhere in the #4 range... after the babies, the Husband, and the cat (sometimes I am ahead of the cat).

I need to make some priority time for me, so I can continue to do for them.

So, call me selfish, but this year I am going to take some time everyday for myself... imagine that??

Time. for. just. me.

Even if it means locking the door to the bathroom so I can pee in peace (by "peace" I mean with a child or animal pounding on the door howling for me to let them in... but they won't actually be "in", thus creating "peace").

I'm trying to get my post pregnancy self esteem up, up, up... so I can come out from behind the camera this year.

Stay tuned for more tired looking Mommy shots... (please, hold your applause). 

Resolution #2...Broaden my palate and try more vegetables.

It sounds silly but when I walk through the produce section I honestly don't know what a lot of that shit tastes like... I gotta grow up and eat more veggies.

Resolution #3... Watch my effing mouth. I'm working on it.

Resolution #4... Make my blog a priority.

I am sad when I cant blog for days on end.

I need to make the time, find it somewhere, so I can attack this blog on the daily, and keep learning new things....

Things like the gif picture movie I made up above.

Not gonna lie, I feel like the MAN for making that bidness.

My year long goal for this blog is a big one.

I want to hit 250 followers and 500 hits a day.


Maybe, but if I dream big things for my blog, I will do big things for my blog...simple as that.

Now here is where you come in.

I gotta know... why are you here??

What do you like? What do you hate?

Please, use the comment section below to answer... I'd love to hear from you!

Tell me what you'd like to see more or less of for 2012.

Seriously folks, now is your chance...

Speak up... or forever hold your peace (which hopefully does not involve kid's banging on the bathroom door).


Home Resolution

This is embarrassing, and makes me look dumb... but I have no shame, so I'm gonna post it anyway.

Before Lovebug was born... as in almost 3 years ago, we hired an artist to paint a beach mural in Lovebug's bathroom.

We spent a pretty decent amount of money doing this room up for our unborn babe.

The sad part is that we never, ever use that bathroom. Never, ever.

Because of me and one of my dumb hair brained ideas again.

Remember when I spray painted the front porch? This is kind of like that.

You see, the vanity had a mauve counter top. It was horrible.

So I googled around and saw that you could spray paint counter tops.

By "you" I mean someone other than me.

I got spray paint that was supposed to look like sand, and went to town on that counter top.

And ruined it. 

God did I ruin it.

Then Husband came home and thought he could do a better job than I did... and he ruined it too.

That's how we roll.

See, our  masterpieces master-messes.

I am embarrassing the crap out of myself right now, I know. 

And... this disgusting-ness....

...Is from our 90's Halloween Party when my sister and her friend painted themselves to be Tia and Tamara from Sister, Sister.

(Sidenote: Are those costumes dead on or what?!)

It will never come off, because the stupid spray paint counter top is not washable.

You know where this is going right.

This is a New Year's Resolution 3 years in the making.

We are going to put a new counter top, and new sinks in this bathroom this year... sometime before December 31, 2012.

Stay tuned for what is sure to be an improvement from this horrendous DIY disaster!
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