Getting On His Level

See this picture?? 

Lovebug looks pretty big here. 

Like he is a child, not a toddler. 

Put him next to Ladybug and he is like graduating High School, right?

Wrong... my fault.

Mommy fail, Daddy too for that matter.

We've been dropping the ball, big time.

For whatever reason, lately we have been treating Lovebug like he is four or five. 

He is smart, he is tall, he has the vocabulary of a first grader, but he is not four or five... he is two.

Having a three month old and a two year old automatically makes Lovebug old in my mind.

But when they're apart, when it's just he and I... when we take our Mommy and Lovebug time one on one... 
I remember.

He is still so young, the world is still so new, and exciting.

Shame on me, for expecting him to act older than he does. For expecting him to know better... he is only two.

Not that I should let him act like a mad man, but he is a little boy, and every single inch of life is still an adventure to him.

Anyway, Lovebug and I have been upping the one on one time, and I have been doing everything I can to get on his level (minus running around in my birthday suit).

Life with a two year old requires a lot of patience, and a lot of consistency... the same rules, the same schedule, the same love all the time, (no matter how much of a demon he acts like when he doesn't nap).

Life with parents is probably pretty hard too; always being told  to put clothes on, not to pee on the seat, stop grabbing your crack in public.

I've been letting Lovebug walk me around the block, show me the rocks, the grass, the bugs, the flags... trying to see things from his perspective, through his eyes.

I'm learning a lot, and savoring every exciting moment, because if nothing else, Husband and I make excite-able babies.

Lovebug runs, climbs and calls things, "Moo-arvelous,"... he talks to the neighbors, and pulls me onto the grass when cars come.

When I let him guide me, and show me...when I let him turn the tables, I am able to learn a lot about what it means to be a little boy.

It means having to stop and touch the tires on every parked car we pass.

It means getting excited about a pile of sticks, and inevitably finding one to ride like a horse.

It means asking the fireman down the street if his house is his fire station, and if his car turns into a fire truck.

Unfortunately, it also means looking up a helluva lot of noses.


Note to self:.

Remember to always get on his level... the view is so much better there.

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