Lately I've been looking at my little bugs and thinking, "Damn, we are so lucky."

Being a Stay at Home Mom means there are a lot of highs, and still some lows.

Every day is different, some days have no tears, some have lots. 

Some days have no Time Outs, some have lots.

But at the end of every single day, I have the best job in the world.

My bosses want to snuggle me, to read books, have hugs, kisses, and share my lap.

I get to listen to my children babble and laugh all day.

I don't miss a single ridiculous comment that comes out of Lovebug's mouth, or a single poop that comes out of Ladybug's butt.

You laugh, but it's true.

A friend of mine's cousin recently had a baby at 25 weeks. 

He is alive and very small. 

He has a very long road ahead of him... and they are anxiously awaiting some poop from the little guy.

If that doesn't put life, health, and diaper changes into perspective.... I don't know what does.

We are where we are meant to be... and I am so happy to be here.

My babies, my heart.


  1. Aren't out lives so glamorous! I know what you mean about the poop. A lot of people in my husbands family were hard on me for wanting to breastfeed because they said I wouldn't know how much she is getting. My defense was that with all the poopy diapers I was changing she must had been getting something. Best wishes to your friend's cousin and their little one- I can't imagine how tough that would be.

  2. You couldn't have said it better. I literally must say the words lucky and happy more than 10 times a day. I don't think parents take the time to really think how blessed they truly are to have healthy children. My cousin and I were pregnant together and talked about the bad and good times together and more importantly how excited we were to meet our babes. Sadly and tragically, she lost her little girl at 2 weeks old... she will never be the same and struggles every day and it is something that I can never ever imagine experiencing. Stuff like that really puts the word lucky into perspective and makes me appreciate each and ever single drop of poop that I get to wipe. Gross, but true.


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