Decorating Up

Like I have mentioned in the past, we are obsessed with Christmas in this house.

One of my all time favorite days of the year, is when I turn on Bing Crosby with some hot chocolate and put out all the Christmas decorations... it is instantly home-y, and fun. I love it.

We all do.

Especially, Sir Grabby Hands aka Lovebug.

Lovebug is famous for ripping ornaments off our tree and throwing them like a baseball across the house.If he can get his hands on it, he will, it is the Laws of Lovebug.

So, last year when we had a 50 person Christmas party, I got creative and started decorating "up".

I made all of the garland you see on the windows myself in 2010. As in, wound each and every single ornament by hand... ahh, to have time again.

This stuff is all on top of the TV stand, out of reach to grabby mitts.

The small ornament and rattan lights arrangement that took me 3 minutes to "make", but casts a really pretty glow when lit up at night. 

The bell was a gift and has the year we got married painted on it, and the Santa was a cast off from my mother... which I still can not believe because he is one of my favorite pieces, he is just so jolly.
On the right side I put out our Christmas cards from years past. The very first thing I do when I pick up our cards is frame one before I forget and send them all away! It is a tradition I am so happy I started, and so easy to keep (just toss them in the Christmas box, really complicated).

Our eating area also gets the homemade garland treatment, right down to the chandelier. 
I keep the rest pretty simple because we eat here all day, so there's no sense in taking apart a huge tablescape twenty times a day.

This year, I added to my "decorating up," theme.

My sister and I came up with this idea to hang ornaments from inside our bookcases.

I am absolutely in love with the sparkle going on in those shelves and sadly my terrible picture taking skills do it no justice.

Womp, Womp.

Anything that is in Lovebug's reach is either not important, or not breakable.

For example, this framed calendar girl, the 2 bucks a piece birds I just scored at Micheal's, or the red and green Pier 1 pillows I bought for a steal five years ago after Christmas.

They only come out for one month a year, and have held their own pretty well (until this year when they have become footballs, or horses, or tigers.... anything throw-able or ride-able pretty much. Gotta love two year old boys.)

Sadly, our tree stands nearly naked because Lovebug has found ways to climb it to get at those ornament/baseballs... it is beautiful, but nakey.

To his credit, Lovebug is getting better with the "touch with one finger," rule, even still, if you look closely in the picture above you can see where he has done his damage.

Anyway, this is a little bit of what Christmas looks like over here at Our Tiny Place, sorry for the weird lighting in all the pictures.... if I don't do it at naptime, it ain't gettin' done folks!

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