Christmas In Review

My children are spoiled rotten.

By Santa, their aunts and uncles, their grandparents, our friends... it is ridiculous.

Every toy in the world lives ar our house.

Every truck, doll, dress, ball... you name it, we own it. 

Lovebug got his second motorized ride on toy, not to be confused with this two other ride on toys that he has to pedal. 

He also got some serious dress up clothes, including: an entire JETS uniform complete with helmet and pads, an ARMY outfit, a lion hat, a giraffe costume, a policeman hat... the list goes on.

We saw Santa on Christmas Eve, and Lovebug died and went to Heaven.

He chatted Santa's face off.

He also said, "Excuse me Santa," twenty seven times, and could not for the life of him figure out where the damn reindeer were hiding.

Ladybug started eating her Cabbage Patch Kid the second I handed it to her.

Cant say I blame her to be honest.

Do you remember how good those things smell??

We took these pics of the kids together on the stairs Christmas morning, just like my parents did with us.

My siblings and I however, did not hold umbrellas. Not once, not ever.

We also kept the tradition my mom started when we were young, and put Lovebug's Christmas stocking at the foot of his bed.

The idea is that in a few years, finding his stocking as soon as he opens his eyes will keep him in bed a little while longer.

Plus it's like Bam! Wake up and Christmas hits you in the face.

Or you kick it with your foot... either way, instant excitement.

We had an amazing weekend, our house is full of boxes, food, toys, and happy, happy children.

We are so blessed.

Thank you for making our family a part of yours every so often... we hope you had a Merry Christmas.


  1. Your always naked son cracks me up. Oh and ladybug with the cabbage patch doll- totally get it. Love that smell!

  2. The dinosaur jammies and the policeman hat together is the best!


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