My children and our home have buried me alive.

Not really, but that's what it has felt like lately.

I don't even know for sure where the time goes, or what happens all day long; but before I know it... I am passing out face down in our bed like a star fish.

Lovebug is finally over being sick, and Ladybug is semi-sleeping in her own room.

I say "semi," because she wakes up once or twice a night, which is probably why I am doing the whole star fish face plant thing.

I am beat. I am also a hot mess.

I cant be sure, but I think the last time I combed my hair was Friday.

My life is one long birth control commercial these days.

It is nutty, and exhausting, but fun all the same.

Husband has been home to help, and that has made the tornado seem a little less tornado-ish.

Minus the whole my hair not being combed thing, that is definitely tornado-ish.

Weather phenomenons aside, part of the current chaotic state of our lives has been non-stop decorating for Christmas, which Lovebug (like his parents), is OBSESSED with.

We are trying to do it big and over the top for him, because he really understands what it means for Santa to come this year; so it has basically been fun since the moment Thanksgiving ended.

Lovebug loves that our home has been transformed into a Santa Wonderland.

He loves the music, the food, the dancing.

He loves the way our house feels so warm when only the tree is lit up, throwing ornaments, doing his advent calendar... he loves it all...

And he loves it... in his birthday suit. As always.

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