Christmas In Review

My children are spoiled rotten.

By Santa, their aunts and uncles, their grandparents, our friends... it is ridiculous.

Every toy in the world lives ar our house.

Every truck, doll, dress, ball... you name it, we own it. 

Lovebug got his second motorized ride on toy, not to be confused with this two other ride on toys that he has to pedal. 

He also got some serious dress up clothes, including: an entire JETS uniform complete with helmet and pads, an ARMY outfit, a lion hat, a giraffe costume, a policeman hat... the list goes on.

We saw Santa on Christmas Eve, and Lovebug died and went to Heaven.

He chatted Santa's face off.

He also said, "Excuse me Santa," twenty seven times, and could not for the life of him figure out where the damn reindeer were hiding.

Ladybug started eating her Cabbage Patch Kid the second I handed it to her.

Cant say I blame her to be honest.

Do you remember how good those things smell??

We took these pics of the kids together on the stairs Christmas morning, just like my parents did with us.

My siblings and I however, did not hold umbrellas. Not once, not ever.

We also kept the tradition my mom started when we were young, and put Lovebug's Christmas stocking at the foot of his bed.

The idea is that in a few years, finding his stocking as soon as he opens his eyes will keep him in bed a little while longer.

Plus it's like Bam! Wake up and Christmas hits you in the face.

Or you kick it with your foot... either way, instant excitement.

We had an amazing weekend, our house is full of boxes, food, toys, and happy, happy children.

We are so blessed.

Thank you for making our family a part of yours every so often... we hope you had a Merry Christmas.


Four Months

**Warning: Super loud videos below.

Amidst the chaos that is Christmas, our little peanut turned 4 months old.

I cant stand it. I want to keep her small forever.

Do I say that every month?? (Check here, here, and here to find out.)

I want so badly for my babies to stay babies forever (Husband does not share this same desperation for baby land for all eternity).

When she was first born I told you that Ladybug was a calm, patient and content baby... and nothing has changed.

Ladybug is happy to sit on a lap (any old lap will do, no attachment problems here) and watch the chaos around her.

She is happy, and smiles pretty much as soon as someone looks at her.

She is loud now, not in a mad baby way... but in a, "pay attention to me, I can be loud too," way.

She does that little song and dance all. day. long.

She loves to use her little pipes, oh and she loves that giraffe too.

She also, like all babies, loves to do this little number.

She's got rhythm huh??

She is also a comedian.

Picture it, it's 3 am... she cries, I roll out of bed, steady myself, rub my eyes, head to her room, look into her crib... and she laughs.

Immediately, without hesitation, she laughs in my face... like, "It is hysterical that if I cry, you come get me every single time Mom!"

I'm laughing too, especially after the 3rd time... oh yeh and she laughs and passes out.

I myself am not so good at the whole insta-sleep thing.

I still do not understand what is so damn funny to my daughter about the middle of the night, but apparently it cracks her up.

She will also bend over backwards, literally, launch herself damn near out of our arms to watch her brother... she loves him.

Last week she sat in her high chair for the first time.

It was a success minus her brother scaling it, and it nearly flipping them both.

I swear these things take one split second to happen.

Needless to say we had a long talk about not climbing the high chair.

Her feet still do this little clapping yoga thing, which makes me warm inside every time she does it.

Her thighs have literally silenced a room full of people.

I call them American Thighs, Husband calls them Milkshake Thighs.

You get the idea, the girl is not missing any meals.

She is a whopping 16.2 pounds now... insane.

Ladybug is exclusively breastfed, having only taken a bottle once when we went to a wedding.

That means, I am solely responsible for Baby Thunder Thighs and apparently have Twinkies in my milk.

For all you baby experts with no kids out there, her pediatrician is thrilled with this fatso breastfed baby, and wouldn't have it any other way... so don't worry, she's not going on "Maury," any time soon.

The pediatrician is also responsible for me putting Ladybug into size three diapers, because she nonchalantly called Ladybug's size two a "diaper thong"... and suggested I go up a size.

Yup, picture it... a diaper thong.

One minute we're talking head circumference, and the next I am picturing my daughter as a high schooler in tight jeans with no panty lines.

If there is a way to slow time, someone please clue me in.

I'll take a screeching happy 4 month old over booty floss any day.



May your thighs always be thin enough for your footwear.

Happy Thursday!


Wordless Wednesday: Christmas Card Photo Shoot

And the final product:

Psstt... Follow me on Twitter to see one of the pictures that Husband refused to let me use because he didn't "approve"!

Twitter Name: OurTinyPlace



Lately I've been looking at my little bugs and thinking, "Damn, we are so lucky."

Being a Stay at Home Mom means there are a lot of highs, and still some lows.

Every day is different, some days have no tears, some have lots. 

Some days have no Time Outs, some have lots.

But at the end of every single day, I have the best job in the world.

My bosses want to snuggle me, to read books, have hugs, kisses, and share my lap.

I get to listen to my children babble and laugh all day.

I don't miss a single ridiculous comment that comes out of Lovebug's mouth, or a single poop that comes out of Ladybug's butt.

You laugh, but it's true.

A friend of mine's cousin recently had a baby at 25 weeks. 

He is alive and very small. 

He has a very long road ahead of him... and they are anxiously awaiting some poop from the little guy.

If that doesn't put life, health, and diaper changes into perspective.... I don't know what does.

We are where we are meant to be... and I am so happy to be here.

My babies, my heart.

The Christmas House

We live in Christmas-town, USA.... not really, but kind of.

The other day you read about Christmas Village, where the town puts on a helluva show and dazzles the eyes and hearts of kids everywhere; and today, you read about the Christmas House.

I dragged two of my girlfriends to the house the other night 10 minutes before it closed for inside viewings. Yes, INSIDE.

This house is open for 3 hours every night for Visitors to walk around inside (for free).

You cant exactly roam (there is far too much shit to do that)... the house is set up like a tour, with one pathway throughout the whole home.

Anyway, I took my girlfriends and left the kiddos at home with Husband (yes, you read that right).

I knew the Christmas House would knock their socks off, and I wanted to be able to pay attention while their minds were officially blown.

It is Christmas as far as the eye can see. 

From the stairs to the ceilings, not one square inch is left untouched.

The whole thing is kind of weird, and kind of cool... it is impossible to walk through this house and NOT laugh at how ridiculous it is.

The plan is to buy one of those kid leash things, tie Lovebug to it, and attempt to show him the Christmas House one night this week.

The plan is also to not lose him amidst all that crap.


Decorating Up

Like I have mentioned in the past, we are obsessed with Christmas in this house.

One of my all time favorite days of the year, is when I turn on Bing Crosby with some hot chocolate and put out all the Christmas decorations... it is instantly home-y, and fun. I love it.

We all do.

Especially, Sir Grabby Hands aka Lovebug.

Lovebug is famous for ripping ornaments off our tree and throwing them like a baseball across the house.If he can get his hands on it, he will, it is the Laws of Lovebug.

So, last year when we had a 50 person Christmas party, I got creative and started decorating "up".

I made all of the garland you see on the windows myself in 2010. As in, wound each and every single ornament by hand... ahh, to have time again.

This stuff is all on top of the TV stand, out of reach to grabby mitts.

The small ornament and rattan lights arrangement that took me 3 minutes to "make", but casts a really pretty glow when lit up at night. 

The bell was a gift and has the year we got married painted on it, and the Santa was a cast off from my mother... which I still can not believe because he is one of my favorite pieces, he is just so jolly.
On the right side I put out our Christmas cards from years past. The very first thing I do when I pick up our cards is frame one before I forget and send them all away! It is a tradition I am so happy I started, and so easy to keep (just toss them in the Christmas box, really complicated).

Our eating area also gets the homemade garland treatment, right down to the chandelier. 
I keep the rest pretty simple because we eat here all day, so there's no sense in taking apart a huge tablescape twenty times a day.

This year, I added to my "decorating up," theme.

My sister and I came up with this idea to hang ornaments from inside our bookcases.

I am absolutely in love with the sparkle going on in those shelves and sadly my terrible picture taking skills do it no justice.

Womp, Womp.

Anything that is in Lovebug's reach is either not important, or not breakable.

For example, this framed calendar girl, the 2 bucks a piece birds I just scored at Micheal's, or the red and green Pier 1 pillows I bought for a steal five years ago after Christmas.

They only come out for one month a year, and have held their own pretty well (until this year when they have become footballs, or horses, or tigers.... anything throw-able or ride-able pretty much. Gotta love two year old boys.)

Sadly, our tree stands nearly naked because Lovebug has found ways to climb it to get at those ornament/baseballs... it is beautiful, but nakey.

To his credit, Lovebug is getting better with the "touch with one finger," rule, even still, if you look closely in the picture above you can see where he has done his damage.

Anyway, this is a little bit of what Christmas looks like over here at Our Tiny Place, sorry for the weird lighting in all the pictures.... if I don't do it at naptime, it ain't gettin' done folks!



Today we took Lovebug to see Santa at this amazing (free) Christmas Village in our town.

We went at the exact same time last year and walked right in, today however, the line wrapped around the building.

So, we decided to skip Santa and just see Mrs. Claus, the Elves, and the reindeer.

This was the year, that the magic happened.

As soon as he laid eyes on Santa's sleigh, I knew he understood Christmas.

For the first time in my short parenting life, I saw real magic.

And I died. 

I was hopping up and down, and pointing, and squealing right along side Lovebug.

We were two blond hair, blue eyed, dimpled peas in an over-excited pod; ready to burst with Christmas spirit.

I can not explain the way the magic in his eyes moved me. This is why people become parents.

It was Christmas when I was young all over again, but I am reliving it through someone else's eyes.

Seeing Lovebug in Santa's workshop was one of the most beautiful things I have seen in a long time... it was simply amazing.

He couldn't turn his head fast enough to take in all that toy shop goodness that lay before him.

I couldn't get a single picture of his face because he was like lightning, screaming and pointing with delight," Shrek! Bob the Builder! Santa! Elves! Excavators! Trains!"

He even tried to climb the gate in the workshop to get at those toys.

People have told me how magical Christmas is when you have children, and I of course, just nod and smile, because that's what you do when people talk and you don't really listen.

Now I know what they were getting at, now I know what all the hype was about.

And we may or may not be going back to Christmas Village again tonight, so I can get my Christmas Magic Crack fix.

Twice a day is allowed, right?
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