Wordy Wednesday: Freedom

What the eff is this "freedom," bidness, and why do my kid's want it??

Walks around the block start holding hands, and then slowly, and surely, he sneaks away.

He always stays within reach, close enough to come back, but far enough to explore on his own, searching for a "vee-an-ture" (adventure), and freedom.

This is boo-shit!

Boo-shit, boo-shit, boo-shit! He is only two!

He is supposed to want to hold my hand for at least another year!  Right?

He finds things, and brings them back to show me, which makes my heart ache. 

"Let me be Mom, but be ready when I have something exciting to show you."

Ladybug jumped on the "let me be," train too. She now sleeps in her own room.

Here's me, her first night in her nursery: staring like a maniac at the monitor.

And here's Ladybug, happy as a clam... just let me sleep Ma, just let me sleep.

(Sidenote: Is it just me or does it look like her body is on backwards in this last picture?? Weird, right)

Stupid freedom, stupid space, stupid independence.... who needs it??

Apparently, my children, that's who.

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