Three Months

Ladybug hit the big 3 month mark last week. 

I cant even believe it. Or stand it. Make it stop.


I want my babies small and chunky and tiny forever!

Since she doesn't get a 3 month Doctor's visit, I have no clue what Ladybug weighs, and don't you go suggesting I get on the scale with her... who the eff wants to stand on a scale?

Ladybug is growing like a weed, she loves nursing, and humming... at the same time. Kinda weird, but cute too. 

She is still laughing her head off, but sometimes, she laughs so hard that she does a cough, laugh, fart combo. 

It is so funny, and as endearing as it is, I am still hoping it is not a forever thing. 

Imagine being the girl that farted EVERY time she laughed?? Yikes.

She also just got ticklish last week, and goes nuts when you touch her arm pits.

She;s pretty solid on the holding her head up thing, and loves mobiles of all kinds. 

Thank you Tar-Jay for hanging things on the ceiling, because that is the only store she will shop in as a result. The girl hates shopping.

She smiles and laughs the second she hears her brother's voice in the morning, and is all about the "ooowwwww," and the "oooohhhhh," talking in the morning. 

I think it is impossible not to smile when you hear a baby talk. Impossible. 

Ladybug comes to the gym with me every so often and sleeps soundly in her stroller in the corner while the music blares and people drop weights, and curse, and pant through the workouts. 

She is totally at home there and doesn't even notice the noise.

Lovebug says her name kinda funny, I cant put my finger on why it sounds weird coming out of his mouth, but it does.

"Bay-core"... or something like that-- a definitive two syllable name.

I woke Ladybug up early the other day to take her 3 month pictures and ended up hating the way the blanket I chose looked. So... I changed her, and started again. 

See, look?? Nineteen pictures that are semi-blurry and not very vibrant. 


Well, at least she'll be prepared for when Tyra Banks comes a callin'!

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