Thanksgiving Germs

We enjoyed a casual Thanksgiving afternoon with Husband's family on Turkey Day, before throwing the kiddos in the car and heading North to surprise my family.

The whole crew was at my parent's vacation house, but we had declined the offer, being that it was "Husband's year," (we switch back and forth for Thanksgiving every year).

After some serious planning and covering Lovebug's mouth every time the phone rang for a week, we pulled off the ultimate Thanksgiving Day surprise.

The two babes slept soundly for the whole ride, and when we arrived at the cabin, Lovebug opened the door and proudly yelled, "Ta-Da!"

There were 13 people sprawled out on opposite sides of the the cabin, sleeping and napping off their turkey coma when we arrived.

Our tiny Bug crew was in the house only 5 minutes and everyone had quickly packed themselves into one room, clamoring to hold Ladybug, and play with Lovebug.

I come from a long line of baby lovers, and our family was beaming with excitement to see our babies (the only grandchildren) that night.

It got me thinking that that is what Thanksgiving is all about... not turkey, and stuffing, and football.

It's about doing things for people you love, just to see the smile on their faces.

I knew how badly my Dad wanted our family all together this Holiday, so we just figured it out, and it was totally worth it.

At least, in theory anyway.

We're happy we went, and seeing my parent's faces when Lovebug surprised them more than made up for the ride, but, the rest of our trip was, well... sickly. 

Friday morning my siblings all woke up with bad head colds. They stayed huddled under blankets with a variety of cold meds by their side the rest of the weekend.

With a house full of sick people trying to dodge our babies, and our babies refusing to sleep at night; we decided to cut our trip short and headed for the sanctuary of our own non-sick home.

Correction: formally non-sick home.

Thanksgiving is about "giving" after all, and my siblings gave us their germs, which we are harboring nicely in our sick Bug house.

Our petri dish of fun includes one sick crabby Toddler, a sick husband, and a sick Mommy.

This chick; bless her breastfed immune system, is happy, healthy and clearly very well fed. 

Oh  well, one out of four ain't half bad.


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