Stolen Moments

Ladybug has been waking up about a half hour before Lovebug lately, and I've been taking her downstairs, just the two of us, and listening to her babble away while the men sleep.

It is quiet, and calm. It is a tiny nugget of peaceful-ness in my otherwise chaotic day.

She is so happy and fun for those 30 minutes that I feel like I am doing something wrong keeping it all to myself.

This particular morning, I turned some music on real low, and let the baby babble real high. We played quietly, as I sang, and she laughed.

These moments are so rare, and so special to me.

I noticed that Ladybug is blessed to smile with her eyes.

My father does this, and so does hers.

Not everyone has that God given twinkle, but Ladybug, she's got it.

Tyra Banks talks a lot about "smiling with your eyes," on her modeling shows that are only addicting in Marathon form.

I think she calls them "Smize,"... smile with your eyes, "smize".

Ladybug does that.

Her eyes glisten and sparkle, even when the rest of her face is calm, you can tell in her eyes she is happy.

From the looks of it, she loved having quiet time as much as I did; can this girl "smize" or what?!

Eat your heart out Tyra.

And because I felt so guilty about keeping all the babble to myself today, I saved some for all of you...

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  1. she's beautiful. and your dad does smize. =)


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