The 25th Hour

We have been busy as Hell around here lately.

But you already knew that didn't you?

Why else would I not be blogging regularly, and waiting until 11:59 to post?

Seriously, shit has been crayyy-zay in our house.

In a good way. Good crazy. Think Ty Pennington, not Courtney Love.

I once read that Kate Gosselin rises before her family and stays up for hours after them. I thought she was bat shit crazy, and then I started having nightmares about losing my children to the piles of laundry in my house.

So, I've been rising with the birds, and going to bed well past midnight.

And, Ladybug has decided that 5 am is hysterical.

See these poor quality pictures?

They're the best I could get at 5 am.

Ladybug and her one baby comedy routine, laughing her freaking head off.

How could I possibly sleep through this?

I cant, I cant miss these moments, no way... sleep can wait.

What else has been keeping us busy??

We've been working in the playroom, and finishing up Ladybug's nursery (not done yet... sorry folks). 

I even started cooking dinner again. Only took me 3 months.

When Lovebug started yelling, "Pizza's here"... every single time the doorbell rang, I figured it was time to break out the pots and pans again.

Which is fine, except it is cutting into my blogging time. Stupid family needing to eat.

Bear with me folks, I am working on implementing a 25th hour into the day. I even asked those Occupy Wall Street folks to start chanting, "Give us another hour! Give us another hour!"

I wont hold my breathe, but if a 25th hour pops up in the day, you'll know who to thank.

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